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Number Theory and Geometry

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Number theory studies the deepest properties of numbers using methods from all areas of mathematics, and it is the most applicable part of pure mathematics through its use in coding, cryptography and computer sciences.

Research areas

  • Analytic number theory
  • Arithmetic, algebraic and anabelian geometry
  • Computational number theory
  • Geometric and categorical theories and correspondences
  • Higher class field theories, higher adelic analysis and geometry, higher automorphic forms 
  • Local number theory, Iwasawa theory
  • Representation theory and quantum field theory
  • Zeta and L functions

Our current awards include Symmetries and correspondences intra-disciplinary developments and applications, a Nottingham-Oxford EPSRC programme grant (2015-2021). 

Robert Langlands, the 2018 Abel Prize winner, and Alexander Beilinson, the 2018 Wolf Prize winners, have given talks and participated in our workshops.


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