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Uncertainty Quantification

Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) is concerned with characterising and modelling uncertainties inherent in a scientific problem, and then calculating the impact of those uncertainties on key aspects of interest.

All scientific theories and technological processes are subject to uncertainties, either through imperfect models (conceptual model uncertainty) or unknown parameters in a model (parametric uncertainty).


UQ plays an increasing role in environmental sciences, in particular in evaluating climate change and its impacts, and assessing the safety of geological disposal of radioactive wastes and carbon capture/storage schemes. UQ is an important issue in engineering science, and manufacturing in particular. The life sciences and medicine will also make increasing use of techniques from UQ as fundamental models improve.


Example projects:

  • ABC methods for calibrating stochastic simulators
  • Carbon Capture and Storage
  • Diagnosing errors for dynamical systems
  • Engineered barrier for radioactive waste repository
  • Gaussian process emulators for groundwater flow problems
  • GPEs applied to spreading of CO2 plumes in aquifers
  • Multilevel Monte Carlo for groundwater flow and radionuclide transport
  • Numerical methods for SDEs applied to UQ
  • Paleo climate reconstruction
  • Parameter estimation for ODEs and SDEs
  • UQ applied to groundwater flow
  • UQ for performance of air riding seals and bearings
  • UQ in manufacturing composites




Staff have coordinated or contributed to a number of UQ events, including:

Recent Publications:

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Stone, Nicola (2011) Gaussian process emulators for uncertainty analysis in groundwater flow. PhD thesis, University of Nottingham.


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