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2014 award winners

The awards were presented by Professor Sir Peter Rubin, former Chair of the General Medical Council and former Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at The University of Nottingham. 


Anne-Marie Dwyer - Staff Choice award

Anne-Marie received the Staff Choice Award for her significant contribution to leading and managing the Assessments team at Derby; taking responsibility for ensuring students received the highest level of support during their studies despite significant changes in the team.

This happened because Anne-Marie took responsibility herself, alongside her existing role, meaning she had to learn new roles, skills and knowledge as well as manage her own time and her team - despite suffering from a serious, life changing illness. She was always willing to help and do that little bit extra to make sure the job got done. Anne-Marie was a true professional and her unwavering dedication to her role, her colleagues and students was truly inspirational.

Anne-Marie passed away shortly after receiving the award. As the first recipient of the Staff Choice Award and in memory of her, the award has been re-named the Anne-Marie Dwyer Staff Choice Award.


Beth Coyle - Research award

Beth was awarded the Research Award in recognition of her fantastic contribution to the wider aims and objectives of the School and leading and developing work on behalf of the School Research Committee.

This included leading the Research training working group in identifying and developing a strategy for training, support and mentorship needs. Beth has been instrumental in developing the Schools Mentorship Scheme.

Beth has also led in identifying and delivering topics for school-level training events and overseeing the production of the Researchers’ RoadMap.

Beth had also undertaken invaluable work for the school's Career Development and Equity Committee (CDEC).


Helen Budge - Partnership award

The Partnership Award recognised the additional roles that Helen performs outside her usual role.

Helen is Co-Director of the Integrated Academic Training Programme (IATP) working towards strengthening clinical research with partners such as NHS Trusts within the East Midlands.

Helen has been instrumental in the clinical lecturer’s review and has developed close relationships with the East Midlands Local Education Training Board (LETB), Training Programme Directors, specialities and NHS Trusts.


Gemma Dracup - Community award

Gemma has made an exceptional contribution to improving the welfare support for medical students at Nottingham over the past year. During her time as the Medsoc welfare rep she developed a new peer mentoring scheme from scratch; writing training and policies, producing publicity materials and recruiting and training volunteers for the scheme. The scheme has been hugely successful and received excellent feedback from students who have benefitted from it. It is now affiliated with the Student Volunteer Centre and is being used as a model of excellence for other schools in the University who are developing peer support schemes. Without Gemma’s enthusiasm and commitment to the scheme, this would not have been achievable and she has created a very valuable and lasting support network for other students.

Alongside the peer support scheme, Gemma created a directory of local support services available to students and produced regular bulletins informing students of upcoming events and sources of support. This was in addition to running regular welfare campaigns such as holding HealthyU fairs in the medical school and events during exam times where she gave out exam packs and cakes. In addition to her passion and dedication to the welfare rep role, Gemma has also been an active volunteer with Nottingham Nightline and the local Child line branch, demonstrating her selfless commitment to helping others. 


Mr Jonathan Lund - Teaching award

Jonathan received the Teaching Award for his excellent contribution to teaching by embracing new advances in technology with the use of mobile phone apps in theatre.

Transmitted images taken from a portable head mounted video camera allowed medical students in theatre to see exactly what he sees whilst operating without changing into sterile gowns enabling students to appreciate the anatomy in real-time.

This greatly improved the quality of theatre experiences for medical students and has enhanced their motivation and ability to learn from clinical practice.


April McCambridge - Support Staff award

The Staff Support Award recognised the additional contribution April made working above and beyond her usual role.

April facilitated the Division of Primary Care's application for high stakes membership of the NIHR School for Primary Care Research.

In addition, April showed huge commitment to the school’s research and research training priorities, assisting the Research Committee in the production of the Researchers’ RoadMap and skills inventory. She also coordinated the organisation of seminars and workshops.

April also played a vital role in the preparation of the REF submission for UOA2.





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