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Award categories

Awards are given to staff, students and associates for work “above and beyond” normal activity. There are five awards in total. Four of the awards are for staff employed in the School. One award (the Community/Partnership Award) is for either a member of staff, a student or an associate holding an honorary title.

Please refer to the award rules when making a nomination. While there is a specific award for support staff, we would also expect to receive nominations for this group of staff for the Teaching and Research awards.

All awards are individual awards.

Staff awards can be given to any School of Medicine staff member in any job family e.g. the Research Award could be made to an administrator or a technician who has provided support rather than, for example, published a paper or secured a major grant. At least one of the staff awards will be awarded to an administrator or technician only.

Support staff award (awarded to an administrator or technician only)

This award will go to the individual administrative or technical member of staff who has gone the extra mile to deliver a high quality service to staff and/or students.

Teaching award (awarded to any staff group)

This award will go to the individual member of staff who has gone furthest to enhance the student experience.

Examples might include delivering stimulating and inspiring teaching; being a fantastic teacher; giving excellent technical support in the lab; an administrator providing much needed pastoral support to a student during a difficult time in their studies; innovative practice through the use of technology.

Research award (awarded to any staff group)

This award will go to the individual member of staff who has gone furthest to enhance the school's research activities.

Examples might include creating major links with other institutions for long term benefits; a research supervisor who provides excellent support; giving support to initiatives that have a School rather than personal benefit; improved patient outcomes; has contributed to research by the technical or administrative support they have given.

The Anne-Marie Dwyer Staff choice award (awarded to any staff group)

This award aims to recognise a member of staff who has gone furthest to make an outstanding contribution to the School of Medicine in the last academic year in any field.

Nominations for this award will be made as follows. Up to six members of staff shortlisted for either the Support Staff Award, the Teaching Award or the Research Award will automatically be nominated for the “Anne-Marie Dwyer Staff Choice Award”. The details of the shortlisted staff members and their contribution will be made available on the school's Workspace. School staff will then be asked to vote for the nominee they feel has gone furthest to make an outstanding contribution to the School of Medicine.

Community/Partnership Award (awarded to staff, students or honorary titles)

This award is given to staff and students and those who have been formally given an honorary title in the School of Medicine.

This award will go to the individual who has:

  • Gone furthest in working to develop and improve partnerships with the NHS and other health care providers; and/or
  • Has put people and patients at the heart of what we do and/or contributed beyond their immediate role to society and beyond

Examples might include:

  • Outreach work e.g. significant contribution to supporting the activities of summer schools or community days
  • Engaging with the local community through active volunteering or major fundraising activities;
  • Raising patient awareness of research activity and increasing access to patient involvement in research
  • Developing initiatives that have made a significant contribution to the local community or one of our local NHS trusts

Examples given above are not exhaustive.



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