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School of Medicine Above and Beyond Award Rules

  1. Nominations can be made by anyone with a legitimate link to the School of Medicine ('SoM' hearafter).
  2. Individuals are not permitted to nominate themselves for an award.
  3. All nominees (appropriate to the category in which they are being nominated) must be either: a current SoM member of staff; a student currently registered in the SoM; an “Honorary” title currently held in the SoM; at the time the nomination is considered by the judging panel (see 7 below).
  4. Nominations must be made by completing the standard nomination form available on the SoM website.  No other supporting documents will be accepted. 
  5. Nominations must include examples, relevant to the category in which the individual is being nominated, of work carried out within the last 12 months (1st August to 31st July) and must also demonstrate how the nominee is committed to the school's priorities, ethos and principles. Without examples the nomination will not be considered. 
  6. There is no limit to the number of nominations made but a new form must be completed each time.
  7. The final judging panel will consist of members of the SoM Strategic Staffing Committee (SSC) .
  8. Nominations for the “Anne-Marie Dwyer Staff Choice award” will be shortlisted by the SSC.  Up to six members of staff shortlisted for either the Support Staff Award, the Teaching Award or the Research Award will automatically be nominated for the “Anne-Marie Dwyer Staff Choice Award”.  The details of the shortlisted staff members and their contribution will then be made available on the School workspace.  SoM staff will be asked to make the final decision by way of a “public vote”.  
  9. Nominators have the right to remain anonymous (their names not disclosed to their nominee). Please ensure you make it clear when completing your form by ticking the appropriate box on the nomination form.  Where anonymity is not specified by the nominator, implied consent to share this information will be assumed.
  10. Nominations will not be accepted after the advertised closing date.
  11. The decision of the SSC and the “public” vote is final.  There is no right of appeal.
  12. All winners will be informed by the School and invited to attend the School Annual Event to receive their award.  Anyone shortlisted (following consent) will have their names included on the Workspace in recognition of their achievement.
  13. Winners of the awards will have their name and photograph published on the school's public-facing website. 



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