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Division of Cancer and Stem Cells

Who we are

Our division brings together scientists and clinicians with expertise in basic biological and translational areas of oncology and stem cell biology including cell and molecular biology, immunology, clinical cancer medicine and therapeutic cell biology. 

Our people

Female postgraduate student using a microscope in a Pre-Clinical Oncology laboratory

What we do

From Professor Poulam Patel, Head of Division:

We aim to develop new treatments to target cancer by focusing at the interface between laboratory and clinical research. Our efforts concentrate on better understanding of the tumour microenvironment, by not only studying cancers themselves but importantly the interactions between the tumour and the body.

We carry out phase I, II and III trials, working with other academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry, in local, national and international trials. We have a national and international profile in several cancer types including melanoma, renal cancer, breast, gynaecological and upper gastro-intestinal cancers. Our stem cell biology group model a wider range of diseases and mechanisms. In all cases, the close collaboration between laboratory and clinic promote exchange of both ideas and clinical material to facilitate more effective cancer research.



Our laboratory research includes groups who focus on the tumour immune interface, the way cancer spreads and how tumours overcome damage by anti-cancer treatments. We investigate disease using human pluripotent and adult stem cells. Learn more about our work through our research groups:

Academic Clinical and Translational Oncology


Academic Haematology

Academic Pathology

Cancer Biology

Stem Cell Biology 

Centres and networks

Centre for Cancer Sciences

Centre of Excellence for Autoimmunity in Cancer

Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre

Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node

Nottingham University Therapeutic Antibody Centre


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