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Kathryn Fackrell

Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Kathryn is a Research Fellow in the Tinnitus etiology and management group at Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Unit. Her primary research goals are to improve and develop current practice in measurement and the standard measurement tools that are being used.

Kathryn studied at Nottingham Trent University achieving a first class BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology, before moving to the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Hearing BRU to complete a PhD in tinnitus etiology and management. The PhD focused on the underpinning methodology involved in the measurement of tinnitus, critically evaluating the quality of current recommended tinnitus questionnaires and validating the newly developed Tinnitus Functional Index as a diagnostic and outcome measure for use in research and clinical practice in the UK. During her studies, she successfully obtained an NIHR exchange scheme grant to develop her skills and training in Rasch analysis, a modern approach to evaluating questionnaires, working with experts from Leeds Psychometric laboratory. Kathryn has also applied her statistic skills to Hyperacusis, by validating the Hyperacusis Questionnaire for use in a research population.

Kathryn's current work aims to advance standards in tinnitus assessment by identifying a set of outcomes measurements that should be used in clinical trials of tinnitus and also in everyday practice. This work involves conducting an international consensus (Delphi) survey to bring together the opinions of experts in the field of tinnitus, including healthcare professionals and also people with lived experience of tinnitus, to determine the important aspects of tinnitus that should be measured when deciding if a treatment has worked. This work is being conducted in collaboration with a European network of scientists and academic experts as part of the EU COST Action framework on outcome measurement.

Expertise Summary

Kathryn has experience and expertise in psychology and healthcare, particularly in tinnitus and hyperacusis assessments.

She has valuable skills in both quantitative and qualitative research, with knowledge of statistics and expertise in the psychometrics used in evaluating instruments, such as classic approaches using confirmatory factor analysis, test-rest reliability and responsiveness analysis and more modern approaches using Rasch analysis. She has experience in using different statistical software programs, including SPSS, AMOS, Mplus and RUMM software.

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