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Imran Mohammed

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


  • workRoom E/B 5062 Eye & ENT Building, South Block, B Floor
    Queen's Medical Centre
    NG7 2UH
  • work0115-9249924 ext.62530


Imran obtained the undergraduate qualification in Pharmacy (B.Pharm., with Distinction) from the J.N. Technological University, India in 2003. For further education, he moved to the UK and completed an M.Sc. in Pharmacology (with Merit class) at the Sheffield Hallam University in 2005. He stepped on the research career ladder with his first research position at the University of Nottingham. During his tenure, he was generously funded by the Fight for Sight to pursue Ph.D. (Ocular Immunology; 2006 to 2010) under the supervision of Professor Harminder S. Dua. In April 2010, he completed Ph.D. (honored with 'Andrew Hendry Endowed Postgraduate Research Award' for research excellence) and subsequently moved to America for a postdoctoral training position (2010 to 2014) with Professor Wen-Chao Song at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. Following successful postdoctoral training, he later served as an Assistant Professor of Immunology (teaching-track) at the Qassim University, KSA for one year. In 2015, he was provided with an exciting opportunity to work as an eponymous senior scientist in the field of Ocular Immunology, which led him to move back to the University of Nottingham. Currently, Imran is working as a Senior Research Fellow with an independent research focus in the fields of antimicrobial peptides and the complement biology.

Recent Publications

  • MOHAMMED, IMRAN, MOHANTY, DEBASMITA, SAID, DALIA G, BARIK, MANAS RANJAN, REDDY, MAMATHA M, ALSAADI, AHMED, DAS, SUJATA, DUA, HARMINDER SINGH and MITTAL, RUCHI, 2020. Antimicrobial peptides in human corneal tissue of patients with fungal keratitis. The British journal of ophthalmology.
  • MOHAMMED, IMRAN, KULKARNI, BINA, FARAJ, LANA A., ABBAS, ALI, DUA, HARMINDER S. and KING, ANTHONY J., 2020. Profiling ocular surface responses to preserved and non-preserved topical glaucoma medications: A 2-year randomized evaluation study CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL OPHTHALMOLOGY. 48(7), 973-982
  • TING, DARREN SHU JENG, BEUERMAN, ROGER W., DUA, HARMINDER S., LAKSHMINARAYANAN, RAJAMANI and MOHAMMED, IMRAN, 2020. Strategies in Translating the Therapeutic Potentials of Host Defense Peptides FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY. 11,
  • SONG D, UEDA Y, BHUYAN R, MOHAMMED I, MIWA T, GULLIPALI D, KIM H, ZHOU L, SONG Y, SCHULTZ H, BARGOUD A, DUNAIEF JL and SONG WC, 2019. Complement Factor H Mutation W1206R Causes Retinal Thrombosis and Ischemic Retinopathy in Mice. The American journal of pathology. 189(4), 826-838

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