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Nikos Evangelou

Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



I did my undergraduate studies in Greece and the UK and trained as a Neurologist in Oxford and Nottingham.

I gained my DPhil in Oxford studying axonal damage in MS with MRI and histopathology. Since 2003 i have been appointed Consultant Neurologist at Nottingham University Hospital. In 2011 i joined the University as a Clinical Associate Professor in Neurology.

In 2012 i became clinical lead for the department of Neurology, at the Nottingham University Hospital.

Expertise Summary

I lead a translational group of clinicians and scientists aiming to understand better the pathophysiology of Multiple Sclerosis. I have participated in most major clinical trials in MS.Clinically i run regular general neurology clinics but my clinical expertise lies in Multiple Sclerosis and Headache management.

My team is interested in clinical trial in MS and I am the co Principle Investigator of a large grant to compare in many sites in the UK and USA escalation vrs highly effective treatment in MS .

Our current MRI research focuses in facilitating the early recognition of demyelinating disorders and quick diagnosis of MS through the demonstration of the pathogenic central vein in demyelinating lesions. We work on 3T and 7T MRI scanners at the Medical school and SPMMR centre. We currently running DECISIVE a NIHR funded multicentre trial comparing the central vein with oligoclonal bands.

In addition we study remyelination in the grey and white matter in vivo using mainly high resolution MTR imaging.

Working with academic neuropsychologists and with the help of the NIHR we also run a programme grant ( NEUROMS) we try to understand how best to screen for cognitive deficits in MS.

Part of my team is working with the NHSEngland and the UK MS Registry examining how COVID has affected patients with MS.

Teaching Summary

Current supervisor for 7 PhD students

BMedsci homebase join coordinator for Clinical Neuroscience and Psychiatry

Research Summary

Clinical trials


participating in a number of commercial and non commercial trials as principle investigator in Nottingham


Investigations trying to understand brain disorders( MS and brain injury) and symptoms ( cognition impairment, fatigue) through MRI and clinical trials ​​including:

Central veins in ms diagnosis

The Role of MEG in Assessment and Diagnosis In mTBI (MEGAbIT)

Neuropsychology of MS

Intervention to support individuals around the point of Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis MS society, a study supported by the MS society.

Member of the research team of NEUROMS , an NIHR programme grant for the neuropsychological evaluation and rehabilitation in Multiple sclerosis

Selected Publications

Past Research

Neuropathology og Multiple Sclerosis

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