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Jon Lund

Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


Expertise Summary


prehabilitiation and exercise interventions to improve outcomes

pilonidal sinus

surgical training

surgical emergencies

Teaching Summary

Undergraduate medical education.

Post graduate training in General Surgery.

School of Surgery

Research Summary

Novel treatments for pilonidal sinus

Treatment of anal fissure

Improving outcomes in elderly patients having surgery

Role of Micro RNAs in colorectal cancer

Endocannabinoids in gut permiability

Selected Publications

Past Research

1st randomized trail of topical GTN in the treatment of chronic anal fissure. This work, published in The Lancet, set a new paradigm in the treatment of this common condition, and became first line treatment world wide.

Future Research

A multicentre, international radomised trail of the role of topical diltazem in the treatmetn of chronic anal fissure. (currently finished recruitment and awaiting completion of data collection).

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