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Modern orange and white building which is home to the Medical School at the Royal Derby Hospital

Research in the Division of Medical Sciences and Graduate Entry Medicine

Research which takes place at Royal Derby Hospital

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Medical Sciences and Graduate Entry Medicine Research Groups
Breast Surgery  To improve the outcome of individuals with cancer.
Centre for Kidney Research and Innovation
To deliver an innovative programme of clinical and translational research in the areas of kidney disease and dialysis therapy, which will directly lead to improvements in treatments and outcomes for patients. 
Clinical, Metabolic and Molecular Physiology
To determine the mechanisms regulating mass and function of the musculoskeletal system, with a particular focus on age and age-associated conditions.
Clinical Toxicology To determine the molecular mechanisms that contribute to cellular signalling, cell damage and cell death. 
Health of Older People

To conduct internationally significant applied health research that leads to improvement in the health and well-being of older people with frailty, and to produce a sustainable critical mass of researchers in the field. 

Paediatric Medicines Group To improve knowledge and practice of the safe, rational and effective use of medicines in neonatal and paediatric patients.
Rehabilitation Medicine To assess the impact of long term conditions on everyday life and to evaluate the effectiveness of different rehabilitation approaches.
Reproductive Physiology To produce new insight into the physiology and pathophysiology of human pregnancy which will translate to improving the future health of mothers and their babies.
Surgery To better understand how cancer develops and create tools for its early detection and novel therapies to prevent or control its progression. We hope in the future to reduce the need for surgery and the risk of surgery, and improve patients’ outcomes if they do have surgery. 
Vascular Medicine To perform high quality research in diseases associated with vascular dysfunction to improve patient care.


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