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Julie Phillips

Research Occupational Therapist,



Julie qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1980. Since then she has worked as an occupational therapist in a variety of clinical jobs in hospitals namely in the areas of brain injury, vascular surgery and health care of the elderly. She also worked in an outpatient rehabilitation unit. In 1995 she completed a part time M.A. in Policy, Organisation and Change in Professional Care at Loughborough University. Since 1998, she has worked part time with the Nottingham Traumatic Brain Injury Service, a community team, as an outreach Occupational Therapists specialising in helping people return to work and maintain work after traumatic brain injury. She completed a part time PhD at the University of Nottingham in 2013 in Return to work after traumatic brain injury: A cohort comparison and feasibility economic analysis.

Expertise Summary

Current work:

Outreach Occupational Therapist, Nottingham Traumatic Brain Injury service (1998 to date). specialising in return to work after traumatic brain injury.

Research associate on FRESH project: Return to work after traumatic brain injury 2013- 2016


Radford, K., et al. (2013). "Return to work after traumatic brain injury: cohort comparison and economic evaluation." Brain Injury 27(5): 507-520.

Radford KA, Phillips J, Drummond A, Sach T, Walker M, Tyerman A, Haboubi N, Jones T. Employment rates and health costs one year after traumatic brain injury (TBI). A cohort comparison. Brain Injury. 2012;26(4-5):600.(Abstract)

Phillips J, Radford KA, Drummond AE, Sach T. Employment after traumatic brain injury (TBI): Cohort comparison and economic analysis. Clinical Rehabilitation. 2011;25:957-958.(Abstract)

Phillips J, Drummond A, Radford K, Tyerman A. Return to work after traumatic brain injury: recording, measuring and describing occupational therapy intervention. British Journal of Occupational Therapy. 2010;73(9):422-430

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