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Benjamin Ollivere

Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma, Head of Division Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences




Ben Ollivere is Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery at the University of Nottingham and Honorary Consultant Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeon and Major Trauma Surgeon at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. He is head of division for Rheumatology, Orthopaedics and Dermatology.

He has a keen interest in training and education and is currently the Training Programme Director for Health Education East Midlands in Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery. His clinical expertise lies in complex trauma and reconstruction, particularly in non-union, infection and limb reconstruction. His academic interests compliment his clinical interests.

He trained in Oxford and London as a medical student, then Cambridge for his higher surgical training and moved to Nottingham for fellowship then spending 4 years as a consultant prior to being appointed Clinical Associate Professor, followed by promotion to Professor 4 years later. He is currently head of division for Rheumatology, Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine and Dermatology at the School of Medicine.

He has active grants and research interests in big data, clinical and basic science studies. Ongoing randomised controlled trials funded by Innovate UK, the NiHR HTA and RfPB programmes as chief investigator. He takes an active part in the ARUK Sports Centre hosted at University of Nottingham.

Together with Professor Ana Valdes he is chief investigator for the PANTHER UKRI funded COVID cohort

Expertise Summary

He has clinical expertise in non-union, bone infection, trauma and major injury along with treatment of complex fractures and the complications of these treatments. He has a particular interest in limb reconstruction and his expertiese lise particularly in the use of circular frames and hexapod fixators. He has tertiary referral practices in bone infection, non-union and chest injuries.

Teaching Summary

I am an associate fellow of the higher education academy. I convene a wilderness medicine module on the Sports and Exercise Medicine MSc at masters level.

I have an interest in undergraduate and post graduate eduction, leading the MDD CP3 at University of Nottingham school of medicine. I also teach orthopedics at an undergraduate and post graduate level.

Research Summary

UKRI/NIHR Funded Research

  • £520K OPERA (CI), NIHR EME embedded basic science
  • £900K PANTHER (Co-CI). UKRI MRC Rapid Response COVID. PAndemic Tracking of HEalthcare woRkers
  • £1M InnovateUK SilverNails (CI). InnovateUK funded SMART coatings for orthopaedic implantsPartnership with Smith and Nephew.
  • £1.2M UKStar (Co-applicant). HTA Funded RCT investigating boot versus plaster in Achilles tendon rupture
  • £1.7M ORIF (CI). HTA Funded RCT investigating rib fracture fixation in a large multicentre RCT.
  • £250K ANCHOR. RfPB funded RCT investigating interventions for ankle injuries in children.
  • £375K CoreKIDS. NIHR DRF funded development of a core outcome sets for children's injuries.
  • £5.6M MRC (Co-A and WP Lead) Co-Connect. Curated biorepository

PI Clinical Studies originating in Nottingham with an attached PhD award :

  • EMADE - A randomised controlled trial of physiotherapy led interventions in ankle fractures. Funder AOUK and ARUK
  • WristRehab - A randomised controlled trial of different physiotherapy modalities following wrist fracture. Funder AOUK
  • OCTS - Development of an outcome measure for thoracic injuries.
  • Tibia Outcomes - Mixed methods series of studies exploring outcomes following major limb injuries from a patient, unit and national perspective.
  • BRC Funded : FEMUR (CI) - evaluation of frailty, hip outcomes and body composition. D2O based study evaluating immobility, surgery and frailty and the effects on muscle metabolism.
  • BRC Funded : FEMUR 2 - linking bone biology (histology/microCT) to frailty, body composition and outcomes.

PI Clinical Studies originating in Nottingham without an attached PhD award

  • £60K DoD STEMulate - Collaboration with the school of pharmacy. Department of Defence funded feasibility grant to explore gene therapies in stem cells.
  • £60K Smith and Nephew - SMART TSF evaluation of co-generated IP in a clinical setting.
  • Royal College of Surgeons Fellowship (200K) - Big data based study to develop competing risks models to refine estimates of survival in the National Joint Registry

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