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Joanne Llewellyn

Lead Dermatology Clinical Research Nurse, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Jo Llewellyn, CRN-East Midlands Funded Dermatology Clinical Research Nurse currently working on the Hi-Light Trial

After obtaining a BA (Hons) in Nursing Studies, Jo's previous roles have included: Team Leader for Hammersmith Medicines Research (a CRO in London), Drug Surveillance Executive for Roche Products ltd and Clinical Project Manager for ClinPhone, Nottingham. Jo joined the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology in January 2003 and her roles here have included being the Research Nurse on the SINS trial and recruiting onto the PATCH, STOPGAP (Pyoderma gangrenosum), BLISTER (Bullous pemphigoid), BADBIR (Psoriasis), Genetics in Acne, Susceptibility Genes for Eczema and Food Allergy and B-STOP (Psoriasis) Trials. During this time Jo obtained an MSc (Distinction) in Frontiers in Medical Science. She has just completed her work as the CLOTHES trial Research Nurse in Nottingham (Clothing for the relief of eczema symptoms) and is currently working as the HI-LIGHT (Vitiligo) Research Nurse. Jo is also assessing photos for hand eczema as part of the National SCIN trial (Skin Care Intervention in Nurses) and acting as the blinded assessor on the TREAT (treatment of severe atopic eczema)Trial.

Research Summary

Hi-light (vitiligo) Trial

TREAT (eczema) Trial

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