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Risky Harisa Haslan

Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology; UG Programme Course Director; Division Senior Tutor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Risky Harisa Haslan is an Assistant Professor in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham. She currently lectures management and occupational psychology modules such as Selection and Trainings, Occupational Health Psychology, People Work and Organisation, and People Group and Society. Risky completed her undergraduate degree in Management Studies at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus in 2009, and later that year she pursued her MSc in Management Psychology at the University of Nottingham UK Campus. A year after completing her MSc in 2010, Risky decided to do her PhD in Applied Psychology at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, where she eventually became a lecturer. She has recently received her PhD (2017).

Risky mainly concentrates on aspects of management psychology and cultural contexts of management in her researches. She is greatly interested in organisational change, organisational culture, psychological contract, coping, organisational behaviour, and human resource management. Throughout her research activities, she has worked with organisations (including Indonesian state-owned enterprises and private enterprises) that have interest in understanding further the management psychology aspects of their organisations and human resource management of family firms. In one of her works with a state-owned enterprise (SOE), she developed a mentoring and coaching system that would fit the SOE's cultural context. She is currently working on her Action Learning Coach certification.

Born and raised in Indonesia, Risky has lived in Malaysia (for about ten years now) and England. She's a native Indonesian speaker, fluent in English and Malay, and she also has some knowledge in Japanese.

Teaching Summary

Risky is currently teaching the following modules:

  • People, Work and Organisation
  • People, Group, and Society
  • Selection and Training in Organisations
  • Occupational Health Psychology
  • Psychology of Work, Management, and Organisation

Risky has taught the following modules:

  • Person and Society
  • Group and Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Introduction to Applied Psychology

Research Summary

Risky generally is interested in management psychology. She's currently exploring human resource practices in family firms and state-owned enterprises. Her main interest involves performance… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

Risky generally is interested in management psychology. She's currently exploring human resource practices in family firms and state-owned enterprises. Her main interest involves performance management, reward and punishment systems, organisational change, and coping.

In terms of individuals' perspective of the organisation, Risky is currently familiarising herself with workplace diversity. She wishes to explore individual issues within the organisations and analyse good practices in managing workplace diversity.

Past Research

In the past, Risky has done research on Psychological Contracts among Indoneisan State Owned Enterprise's employees. She finds the context of State Owned Enterprise in South East Asia as really interesting. Her research explored employees' perception of psychological contract, which seemed to be affected by the culture and the type of company they were in.

Her PhD concentrated on the concept of coping in organisational change, as well as the role of individual differences in this - specifically personality traits and emotional intelligence. She also explored the relationship between aspects of strategic & human resource management (such as organisational change, organisational development, etc) and applied psychology theories (such as individual differences, coping behaviours, etc).

Future Research

In the future, Risky is planning on exploring cross cultural comparison between Indonesian and Malaysian employees's coping behaviours in either organisational change or organisational development context. She's also planning exploring cultural context of selection and training system in Indonesian, Malaysia, and China.

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