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School of Medicine academic promotions 2015/16


Congratulations to the following School of Medicine colleagues who have received academic promotions which will take effect from 1 August 2016:

Promotions to Professor

Dr T Harrison (Respiratory Medicine) – Professor of Asthma and Respiratory Medicine
Dr G Jenkins (Respiratory Medicine) – Professor of Experimental Medicine
Dr R Khan (Medical Science & Graduate Entry Medicine) – Professor of Reproductive Biology
Dr S Madhusudan (Cancer & Stem Cells) – Professor of Medical Oncology
Dr S Martin (Cancer & Stem Cells) – Professor of Cancer & Radiation Biology
Dr E Rakha (Cancer & Stem Cells) – Professor of Breast Cancer Pathology

Promotions to Associate Professor

Dr S Conroy (Medical Science & Graduate Entry Medicine)
Dr R Murray (Epidemiology & Public Health)
Dr C Seedhouse (Cancer & Stem Cells)
Dr S Thomas (Rehabilitation & Ageing)

Promotion to Senior Research Fellow

Dr J Grove (Nottingham Digestive Diseases Centre)
Dr R Evley (Clinical Neuroscience)

Posted on Wednesday 23rd March 2016

School of Medicine

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