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Academic promotions 2017/18


Research and teaching excellence in the School of Medicine is to be recognised through this year’s round of academic promotions.  Our warmest congratulations go to those individuals and we wish them well. 

The new promotions, which take effect from August 1 this year, underline the school and University’s commitment to recognising the academic excellence of its staff.

Promotion to Chair

  • Dr Susan Anderson – Medical Sciences & Graduate Entry Medicine
  • Dr Neil Coulson – Rehabilitation & Ageing
  • Dr Iain Moppett – Clinical Neuroscience
  • Dr Ian Sayers – Respiratory Medicine
  • Dr Kenneth Smith – Medical Sciences & Graduate Entry Medicine
  • Dr Nikola Sprigg – Clinical Neuroscience 
  • Dr Nathaniel Szewczyk – Medical Sciences & Graduate Entry Medicine

Promotion to Associate Professor

  • Dr Heather Buchanan – Rehabilitation & Ageing
  • Dr Wayne Carter – Medical Sciences & Graduate Entry Medicine
  • Dr Shihning Chou – Psychiatry & Applied Psychology
  • Dr Tessa Langley – Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Dr Galina Pavlovskaya – Respiratory Medicine
  • Dr Alexey Ruzov – Cancer & Stem Cells

Promotion to Principal Research Fellow

Dr Sarah Rodgers – Primary Care

Promotion to Senior Research Fellow

  • Dr Linda Fiaschi – Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Dr Joanna Fletcher-Smith – Rehabilitation & Ageing
  • Dr Charlotte Hall – CLAHRC
  • Dr Jeni Luckett – Clinical Neuroscience
  • Dr Laura Sidney – Clinical Neuroscience

Promotion to Research Fellow

  • Dr Magdalena Opazo-Breton – Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Mrs Carla Richardson – Clinical Neuroscience
  • Mr Wei Tan – Nottingham Clinical Trials Unit
Posted on Tuesday 21st March 2017

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