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School welcomes International Medical University, Malaysia, students 2018



From left to right: IMU students, Ali, Aravindh and Lakminaa with Lisa Benn (CP1 administrator) and Dr William Atiomo (School lead for international medical students).

The School of Medicine is pleased to welcome Ali, Aravindh and Lakminaa from the International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia. The began their four-week induction programme on 22 January 2018, as part of the school's agreement with IMU whereby a few students from IMU are admitted into the clinical years of the Nottingham course. These students spend their pre-clinical years in Malaysia and their clinical years in Nottingham, graduating with a Nottingham degree. The first cohort from Malaysia came to Nottingham in 2009.

As part of their induction they each prepared and delivered presentations on one of the following topics:

  • “What is the ideal health care funding model?”
  • “Is the virtual medical school the future?”
  • “What is the best way to support our international medical students?”. 

The presentations were of an excellent standard and very informative.

We wish them all an enjoyable stay in Nottingham and thank all the members of staff who gave up their time to ensure a successful induction program.

Watch video: BMBS Medicine - what our international students say


Posted on Monday 5th March 2018

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