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Alan Perkins

Professor of Medical Physics, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Prof Perkins has been associated with a broad range of work in Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine and imaging. For over 25 years he has undertaken work in Medical Physics at the University of Nottingham and Nottingham University Hospitals especially in the areas of medical imaging and medical radiation physics.

He has extensive experience of nuclear medicine techniques and has used gamma scinitgraphy to study drug delivery in patients and healthy normal subjects. Work with oral dose formulations has led to the development of tablets and capsules with reduced problems for swallowing.

His long standing use of nuclear probes for intra-operative work has led to involvement in the development of a high resolution imager for surgical and bedside applications. In collaboration with the Space Research Centre at Leicester University he is working on novel hybrid imaging systems for intra-operative applications. He is a founder of Gamma Technologies Ltd. a joint spin-out company from the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham that is developing a high resolution hybrid imaging system for the intra-operative detection of cancer.

Collaborations between Prof Perkins group in radiological Sciences, Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering and clinical groups in at Nottingham University Hospitals have resulted in the detailed study of the use of targeted radionuclide therapies. A series of experimental and clinical studies have been carried out for the targeted treatment of cancer including a novel method of targeted radiotherapy for bladder cancer that is administered directly into the bladder using a simple urinary catheter. Previous work with monoclonal antibodies led to collaborations with the Group at St George's Hospital in Sydney, Australia where the Nottingham C595 antibody has been developed as a vector for the deleivery of more potent alpha emitting radionuclides with high linear energy transfer with the aim of improving the effectiveness of targeted molecular radiotherapy.

In collaboration with the Department of Chemistry at the Open University Prof Perkins carried out some of the first in vivo imaging studies of radiolabelled aptamer complexes with the potential offer reduced immunogenicity and excellent tumour penetration. The use of aptamers as much smaller targeting agents offers several advantages. These molecules penetrate tumour much faster than whole antibodies, reach peak levels in the tumour earlier, and clear from the body faster, thereby reducing toxicity to healthy tissues. In addition, use of aptamers is expected to overcome the frequently encountered human anti-mouse antibody response as they are non-immunogenic, and their rapid uptake and faster clearance makes them extremely promising vehicles for cytotoxic and imaging agents to be delivered to tumour .

Prof Perkins directs the Nottingham university pre-clinical imaging facility SPOT and is currently collaborating in work in neurodegeneration, infection and the study of brown adipose tissue.

He is a past Vice President of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine and past president of the British Nuclear Medicine Society and editor of the British journal, Nuclear Medicine Communications.


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Expertise Summary

Prof Perkins has extensive experience in clinical nuclear medicine and the biological use of radioactive tracers for imaging, drug delivery and targeted therapy. He has extensive experience in both diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine working in radiopharmacy, instrumentation, and pre-cilinical and clinical imaging. He has undertaken detailed studies of drug delivery and investigation of gastrointestinal motility and the gastrointestinal transit of orally administered drug formulations. His work has included studies of the swallowing of tablets and capsules with particular emphasis on drugs used in the treatment of osteoporosis. As a result of his publications he was invited to serve as an expert witness in the US on the swallowing of tablets and capsules.

Over the past 25 years Prof Perkins has worked in the development of radiopharmaceuticals and molecular radionuclide therapeutics for the targeted treatment of cancer using monoclonal antibodies C595, aptamers and recombinant human serum albumin. He is currently working with the Pace Research Centre at the University of Leicester on the first clinical use of a hand held hybrid optical-gamma camera.

Teaching Summary

Medical Physics

Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharamcy


Research Summary

The use of hybrid optical-gamma imaging for intraoperative and bedside imaging.

Sentinel node detection in breast cancer.

Developing new methods for assessing gastrointestinal transit.

Hypoxia imaging with F-18-HX4.

Thermal imaging

Selected Publications

Past Research

Monoclonal antibodies for imaging and therapy.

Aptamer conjugates for diagnosis and therapy.

Gastrointestinal transit.

Radiopharmaceutical development.

Future Research

  • Development of a hybrid hand held camera for imaging gamma and optical photons. in collaboration with the Space Research Centre, University of Leicester.
  • TSB Award: 2012 Nasal delivery of peptides for the treatment of osteoporosis. Collaboration with Dr Richard Pearson and Critical Pharmaceuticals.
  • TSB Award 2012: Probiotic sensing in the GI tract. Collaboration with Dr Ian Fisk, Food Sciences Sutton Bonington.
  • Targeted delivery of probiotics using enteric oral formulations.
  • Hypoxia imaging project in collaboration with Siemens/PETnet.
  • Preclinical imaging if infection. Collaboration with Professor P Williams and Dr P Hill UoN
  • Imaging neurodegeneration and prion disease. Collabortaion with the MRC toxicology unit University of Leicester.
  • Thermal imaging

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