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Alison John

Senior Research Fellow,


  • workRoom B13 Clinical Sciences Building
    Nottingham City Hospital
    Hucknall Road
    NG5 1PB
  • work0115 8231106


Alison John is a Senior Research Fellow working within the Division of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her research focuses on understanding the mechanisms involved in regulating TGFβ activation in the lung either to maintain homeostasis or following dysregulation, to promote development of diseases such as fibrosis, emphysema and airway remodelling. Recent studies have investigated the importance of G-protein signalling pathways in alveolar TGFβ activation and the role of genes newly associated with development of Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis in disease pathogenesis. She has developed imaging techniques using CT/SPECT analysis for non-invasive detection of αvβ6 integrin, a fibrotic biomarker with potential for both diagnostic and theranostic monitoring in the lung. In collaboration with major drug companies and University of Nottingham collaborators, she has utilised in vivo and ex vivo models of fibrotic lung disease to evaluate a number of novel therapeutics for their ability to modulate alveolar TGFβ activation and prevent development of lung fibrosis.

Alison was appointed Divisional Research Lead for Respiratory Medicine in 2018. In addition, she is a member of the University of Nottingham Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board and sits on the committee of the British Association of Lung Research.

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