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Claudio Di Lorito

Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences



Dr Claudio Di Lorito is a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, with a background in Psychology and expertise in social and health care research with vulnerable populations and behaviour change theories. He has worked in the field of dementia since 2014, when in the PRIDE study at University College London, he published work around co-researching with people with dementia. In 2015, he was awarded a three-year studentship from the National Institute of Health Research, to conduct doctoral research around older mentally-ill offenders and dementia in secure units. Since 2018, he has been a Research Fellow in the PRomoting Activity, Independence and Stability in Early Dementia (PrAISED), leading on the motivation and adherence, and process evaluation work packages. Other than more than 30 scientific papers featured in peer-reviewed journals, his publications include the chapters 'Older people and crime' in the new edition of the Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry and 'Long-stay and older patients' in the book 'Long-Term Forensic Psychiatric Care - Clinical, Ethical and Legal Challenges'.

Teaching Summary

Claudio is currently supervising a PhD student, Annabelle Long, in her project around dementia-friendly physical exercise groups in the community and two MSc Health Psychology students in the School… read more

Research Summary

Promoting Activity, Independence and Stability in Early Dementia (PrAISED) research programme

People with dementia are at higher risk of falls than people of similar age without dementia. Risk factors include motor impairments, functional impairments, medications, and abnormalities of executive or visuo-spatial function. PrAISED aims to help people with mild cognitive impairment or early stage dementia to remain healthier and more independent for longer, through an activity and exercise programme consisting of a combination of exercises, activities of daily living and memory strategies to help improve and maintain individuals physical and mental health.

Recent Publications

Claudio is currently supervising a PhD student, Annabelle Long, in her project around dementia-friendly physical exercise groups in the community and two MSc Health Psychology students in the School of Medicine. Claudio is also tutoring three second year medical students.

Past Research

The mental health needs of older patients and older patients with cognitive impairment/dementia living in secure forensic psychiatric settings

The study aims to address the existing gap in research and investigate the mental health needs of older people and older people with cognitive impairment/dementia living in high/medium secure forensic psychiatric settings. The investigation is carried out through a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, with a strong emphasis on patients' involvement in the research process. Quantitative data are gathered around patients' demographic characteristics, needs, treatment pathways, cognitive impairment and mental health needs. Semi-structured qualitative interviews with patients and members of staff are administered to gather views on the current service provision in dealing with the challenges and meeting the needs of older patients and to explore ideas on how to improve the system. Study findings inform a set of clinical implications for service improvement.

Future Research

Most of my research is in health and social psychology, qualitative in nature, with a great emphasis on having direct contact with patients and the public.

My areas of interest are:

  1. Dementia research, particularly around internal motivation and engagement in exercise and physical activity. I currently have an interest around issues of deconditioning as a result of covid-19 in this population, but also around the impact of the pandemic on Caregiver's strain and quality of life.
  2. LGBT research, particularly around how social discourse on gender and sexual orientation shapes behaviour. I have submitted a research proposal to identify the content of the Rainbow-PATHS, a new training resource that can be used by any public, private or voluntary organisation providing health and social care, emotional and mental health and social support to LGBT partnerships affected by dementia.
  3. Patient and public engagement in research, particularly, co-research, which is full inclusion of people with lived experience in doing research together with the academics. I have done this quite successfully in PrAISED. I would be now keen on exploring the views of academic researchers and members of the public on the benefits, challenges and practicalities of doing co- research.

I am available to discuss any project relating to my areas of interest

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