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Jane Horne

Research Fellow and Occupational Therapist, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Dr Jane Horne is a Research Fellow and Occupational Therapist and her specialist research interests are stroke rehabilitation and older people. Jane is passionate about finding ways to improve the health of patients, their families and communities through good quality robust research. Jane was a stroke Occupational Therapist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust prior to joining the University of Nottingham and is keen to embed her research into clinical practice. She has been publishing her research since 2005 in a variety of academic journals. Her specialist topic is confidence after a stroke, and has developed a measure of confidence, (CaSM) published in 2017. This measure has gained interest in Europe, Australia and China. This was her doctoral research which was an awarded fellowship, funded by the Stroke Association.

A recent Health Education England/National Institute for Health Research clinical academic 'gold' award, has facilitated the progression of Jane's independent research career. Her ideal career pathway is to be successful in gaining post doctoral funding, to evaulate psychosocial interventions following a stroke. Ultimately, her aim is to become a stroke research leader.

For the past three years, Jane has been the Research and Development Lead for the Royal College of Occupational Therapist Specialist Section for Neurological Practice, building research capability and competency within the profession.

Jane is currently employed as the Intervention Trial Manager on a £1.8 million NIHR HTA funded multi-centred trial, to examine the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a systematic falls in care homes programme (FinCH). This role has developed Jane's leadership skills essential for leading research teams, which is her ambition.

Expertise Summary


Stroke rehabilitation, occupational therapy, psychological and social issues after stroke, qualitative research, mixed methods, measurement, care home research.

Teaching Summary

Dr Jane Horne lectures on the stroke module of the MSc in Rehabilitation Psychology Course and supervises research undertaken by PhD and Masters Students. She is a guest lecturer on the MSc (OT) at… read more

Research Summary

Jane is the intervention trial manager of a Falls in Care Home Study (FinCH). This is a multi-centred definitive study funded by an NIHR HTA program £1.3 million grant. The study is examining the… read more

Recent Publications

Jane has been successful in securing grant funding and has gained research awards. She has experience of being a national committee member and has been an invited speaker at international conferences and events. Including:

  • Research and Development Lead, Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Section, Neurological Practice, National Executive Committee
  • 'Gold' Clinical Academic Scholar Award funded by Health Education England/National Institute for Health Research
  • New Researcher Award 2015 Royal College of Occupational Therapists' Annual National Conference (July 2015) for best oral presentation
  • Reviewer for Royal Collage of Physicians Stroke National Guidelines and other peer reviewed journals; Clinical Rehabilitation; Chronic Illness and British Journal of Occupational Therapy
  • Invited Speaker a the UK Stroke Forum (December 2015)
  • Post Doctoral Boot Camp, Ashridge Business School funded by National Institute of Health Research
  • Doctoral peer support group lead (February 2013-15)
  • Joint Divisional lead for staff professional development project
  • School of Medicine mentorship scheme
  • School of Medicine travel award for European Rehabilitation Research Conference (May 2017)

Dr Jane Horne lectures on the stroke module of the MSc in Rehabilitation Psychology Course and supervises research undertaken by PhD and Masters Students. She is a guest lecturer on the MSc (OT) at the University of Derby and an accredited student educator for the University of Derby.

Jane also teaches on the rehabilitation doctoral training centre programme in the Division of Rehabilitation and Ageing and informally supports post graduate students on their training pathway.

Current Research

Jane is the intervention trial manager of a Falls in Care Home Study (FinCH). This is a multi-centred definitive study funded by an NIHR HTA program £1.3 million grant. The study is examining the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a systematic falls program, due to complete in 2019.

Her passion is stroke rehabilitation and is interested in finding the best ways to improve confidence after a stroke. Jane was awarded a stroke association doctoral fellowship to develop a measure of confidence (CaSM) which was published in 2017.

Jane has collaborated on a number of stroke rehabilitation trials, such as, targeted outdoor mobility after stroke, and using the neuropsychological literature to inform dressing practice for people with cognitive problems after stroke.

She is also an experienced qualitative researcher. She first published a qualitative study 'Exploring Occupational Change in First Time Motherhood' in 2005. Recent qualitative studies include 'Exploring the meaning of Confidence after Stroke' an IPA interview study published in 2014. She led the qualitative component of a patient safety initiative, published in 2016 'Benchmarking the prevalence of care problems in UK care homes using the LPZ-i: a feasibility study.'

Her research is real world research, patient led and embedded in clinical practice.

Past Research

Previous roles included being employed as a research occupational therapist on a multi-centred RCT 'Getting Out of the House' study, her role involved working with participants who have had a stroke and were not getting out as much as they would like.

Jane was one of the treating therapists on a RCT 'DRESS' Trial. Cognitively impaired stroke participants were treated using the evidence from the neuropsychological literature. This approach was compare with routine care. This was a phase II feasibility study and phase III is now in the development stages. For more information on the dress trial see publications list.

As an undergraduate BSc (Hons) OT student at the University of Northampton, the birth of her two sons provided the inspiration to complete her dissertation on 'Occupational Change in First Time Motherhood' which was subsequently published in an international journal (2005).

Future Research

Jane is developing a post doctorate research application to pilot a 'Confidence after Stroke' intervention. This will explore the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a confidence course to understand if the intervention can be evaluated in a full definitive trial. This is necessary in order to embed the intervention within a clinical service if it shows benefit to stroke survivors and their carers.

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