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Juan Hernandez Medrano

Asst Prof in Reproductive Physiology, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences



Juan Hernandez-Medrano graduated as a Veterinarian (Honours) from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (FMVZ-UNAM) in 2002. He did a short internship in Large Animal Medicine at the GPVEC of the University of Nebraska, U.S.A. assisting the Head Veterinarian in the daily clinical rounds and post-mortem examinations. After graduating, he joined a local practice in the State of Hidalgo in Mexico while simultaneously help running his family's cattle beef farm. He returned to FMVZ-UNAM to study a MSc in Production and Animal Health focused in Cattle Reproduction exploring the interaction between nutrition and reproduction in dairy heifers, supported by grants from CONACYT and UNAM (Postgraduate Division). Juan received a Pfizer Ltd - University of Nottingham Scholarship to study his PhD in fetal reproductive development under the supervision of Professors B Webb, BK Campbell, A Peters and D Hannant at the Division of Animal Sciences. After obtaining his PhD (2009), Juan joined the team of Prof P Garnsworthy as a post doc helping with the development of an on-farm methane measuring system to estimate daily methane emissions in dairy cattle. After this, he joined Prof BK Campbell Research Team at the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (School of Medicine) where he is currently carrying out research in ovarian growth factors controlling folliculogenesis and cryopreservation of ovarian tissue.

Research Summary

Signalling pathways of the Bone Morphogenetic Protein System, part of the TGFβ superfamily, in relation to the FecB (Booroola) mutation in sheep and their effects on folliculogenesis.

Part of a research team developing methods for whole ovary cryopreservation as a tool to restore reproductive function in human patients, using monovular species as models.

Selected Publications

  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H., WILLIAMS, R.W., VAN DRUNEN LITTEL-VAN DEN HURK, S., PETERS, A.R., HANNANT, D., CAMPBELL, B.K. and WEBB, R., 2013. Early postnatal immunisation against gonadotrophin-releasing hormone induces a high but differential immune response in heifer calves Research in Veterinary Science. 95(2), 472-479
  • GARNSWORTHY, P.C., CRAIGON, J., HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H. and SAUNDERS, N., 2012. On-farm methane measurements during milking correlate with total methane production by individual dairy cows Journal of Dairy Science. 95(6), 3166-3180
  • GARNSWORTHY, P.C., CRAIGON, J., HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H. and SAUNDERS, N., 2012. Variation among individual dairy cows in methane measurements made on farm during milking Journal of Dairy Science. 95(6), 3181-3189
  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H., WILLIAMS, R.W., PETERS, A.R., HANNANT, D., CAMPBELL, B.K. and WEBB, R., 2012. Neonatal immunisation against a novel gonadotrophin-releasing hormone construct delays the onset of gonadal growth and puberty in bull calves. Reproduction, Fertility and Development. 24(7), 973-982
  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J. H., CAMPBELL, B. K. and WEBB, R., 2012. Nutritional Influences on Folliculogenesis REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS. 47, 274-282
  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J. H., WILLIAMS, R. W., PETERS, A. R., HANNANT, D., CAMPBELL, B. K. and WEBB, R., 2012. Early postnatal immunisation with a novel gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) construct has longer reproductive effects in male than female calves REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC ANIMALS. 47, 558-558
  • NARKWICHEAN, A., MAALOUF, W., HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J., JAYAPRAKASAN, K. AND CAMPBELL, B.K., 2012. The effect of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on ovine follicular development: both in vivo and in vitro. Human Reproduction. 27(Suppl 2), i74
  • ALJASER, F., HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J., TOMLINSON, M. AND CAMPBELL, B.K., 2012. Optimisation of period of cryoprotectant exposure for whole ovarian cryopreservation. Human Reproduction. 27(Suppl 2), i187
  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H., MARSTERS, P., AND CAMPBELL, B.K., 2012. Anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) knockdown increases steroidogenesis in ovine granulosa cells from small antral follicles in vitro. In: Proceedings of the Society for the Study of Reproduction 45th Annual Meeting. Abstract 367
  • GARNSWORTHY, P.C., CRAIGON, J., HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H. AND SAUNDERS, N., 2011. Variation in methane emissions measured during milking for individual dairy cows under commercial conditions Advances in Animal Biosciences. 2(1), O74
  • GAMA, M.A.S., LI, D., HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J.H., SAUNDERS, N., CRAIGON, J. AND GARNSWORTHY, P.C., 2011. Relationships between milk fatty acids and methane emissions in dairy cows fed on diets which altered methane outputs. Advances in Animal Biosciences. 1(2), O21
  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J. H., BASURTO, H., PETERS, A. R., GUTIERREZ, C. G., CAMPBELL, B. K., AND WEBB, R., 2009. Foetal long-term implantation with a GnRH agonist reduces the number of primordial follicles in 6 week-old female calves. In: Society for Reproduction and Development Annual Conference 2009. 34
  • HERNANDEZ-MEDRANO, J. H., DERECKA, K., PETERS, A., CAMPBELL, B. K. and WEBB, R., Expression of reproductive genes during fetal development in cattle REPRODUCTION IN DOMESTIC RUMINANTS VII. 67, 536-536

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