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Mark Pope

Senior Research Technician, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences


  • workRoom E/E 1704 Academic Child Health
    Queen's Medical Centre
    NG7 2UH
  • work0115 82 31216
  • fax0115 82 30626


Mark joined the university staff as a Senior Research Technician in the Genetics department in 2004 and subsequently moved to join Academic Child Health in Jan 2008. Mark is involved in research in early life whilst providing training and support for clinicians and Ph.D. students in the department.

Expertise Summary

PCR, qPCR, primer design, Western blotting, histology, Immunohistochemistry, dHPLC, tissue culture

Research Summary

The development of adipose in early life.

Recent Publications

  • ALDISS, P., BETTS, J., SALE, C., POPE, M., BUDGE, H. and SYMONDS, M.E., 2018. Exercise-induced ‘browning’ of adipose tissues Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. 81, 63-70
  • SYMONDS, M E, ALDISS, PETER, DELLSCHAFT, NEELE, LAW, JAMES, FAINBERG, HERNAN, POPE, MARK, SACKS, HAROLD and BUDGE, HELEN, 2018. Brown adipose tissue development and function and its impact on reproduction. The Journal of endocrinology.
  • HENRY, B.A., POPE, M., BIRTWISTLE, M., LOUGHNAN, R., ALAGAL, R., FULLER-JACKSON, J.-P., PERRY, V., BUDGE, H., CLARKE, I.J. and SYMONDS, M.E., 2017. Ontogeny and thermogenic role for sternal fat in female sheep Endocrinology. 158(7), 2212-2225
  • ALDISS P, BETTS J, SALE C, POPE M, BUDGE H and SYMONDS ME, 2017. Exercise-induced 'browning' of adipose tissues. Metabolism: clinical and experimental. 81, 63-70

Past Research

Detection of novel single nucleotide polymorphisms and other genetic anomalies in DNA samples from congenital heart defect patients.

Future Research

Mechanisms of physiological adaptation in early life.

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