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Epidemiology and Public Health

Research which seeks to find out the causes of disease and how to improve the health of populations.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Epidemiology and Public Health Research Groups
Centre for ADHD and Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across the Lifespan To bring together clinicians, service users and academics with an interest in neurodevelopmental disorders, including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and Tourette syndrome (TS).
Centre for Evidence Based Healthcare To improve healthcare practices for the benefit of patients and practitioners all over the world.
Clinically applied adult mental health Focuses on improving outcomes in adults with mental health problems, with particular methodological strengths in clinical trials, cohort studies and service evaluation.
Clinical Epidemiology Contributes much needed evidence to try and fill some of the gaps in our knowledge of diseases and is used by practising clinicians and by health policy makers.
Gastrointestinal Epidemiology

One of the UK’s leading gastrointestinal epidemiology research groups describing the epidemiology, aetiology and consequences of malignant and non-malignant acute and chronic gastrointestinal disease.

Health Protection and Influenza Research Has research interests spanning a broad range of communicable diseases areas, but specialises in respiratory virus infections, of which influenza is the key strategic focus.
Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Research Specialises in the epidemiology and prevention of injuries in all age groups including preventing falls in older people, preventing injuries in childhood, measuring the long term impact of injuries and evaluating interventions in primary care and community settings.
Medicine Safety and Effective Healthcare Research Conducts research on the safe and effective use of medicines and is at the forefront of patient safety research in the UK and internationally.
Perinatal Trials To evaluate important treatment interventions in pregnancy using the best quality evidence.
Tobacco and Alcohol Research To reduce tobacco and alcohol related harm by assessing risks, examining and improving cessation strategies, developing harm reduction strategies for smokers and drinkers, and engaging the scientific community and the public to promote findings to users and policymakers.

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