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Older person being helped round a boating lake as part of a stroke rehabilitation programme

Rehabilitation, Ageing and Wellbeing

Research into the health of older people and how to help them recover from illness.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

Rehabilitation, Ageing and Wellbeing Research Groups
Centre for Dementia To improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers, through high quality, useful research looking at how people with dementia spend their time and what helps them to get quality from life.
Clinical, Metabolic and Molecular Physiology

To uncover the mechanisms regulating alterations in protein and energy metabolism with ageing and disease.

Community Rehabilitation To find and implement rehabilitation techniques that improve the quality of life, in a cost effective way, for people with severe health conditions.
Health Economics Research at Nottingham To facilitate collaboration between different research groups and wider dissemination of health economics research findings.
Health of Older People To conduct internationally significant applied health research that leads to improvement in the health and well-being of older people with frailty, and to produce a sustainable critical mass of researchers in the field.
Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Specialises in the epidemiology and prevention of injuries in all age groups, including preventing falls in older people, preventing injuries in childhood, measuring the long term impact of injuries and evaluating interventions in primary care and community settings.
Long Term Conditions To promote wellbeing and enable people with long term conditions to maximise participation in meaningful social lives.
Medicine Safety and Effective Healthcare Research To influence policy and practice so that effective interventions to improve patient safety are rolled out across the health service.
Rehabilitation medicine To assess the impact of long term conditions on everyday life and to evaluate the effectiveness of different rehabilitation approaches. We seek to strengthen the evidence base that underpins rehabilitation practice and to gain a better understanding of the factors that can help reduce the impact of disability and improve quality of life.
Stroke Network A network of researchers and clinicians from the University of Nottingham and the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust dedicated to reducing the impact of strokes.
Stroke Rehabilitation To restore functional recovery and to facilitate patients and their carers to lead the lives they wish.
Stroke research To perform world-leading research that informs and improves clinical stroke care.

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