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What our Master of Public Health students say

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Kirsty Pitt 
Graduated: 2015
Having studied for my undergraduate degree in pharmacy at the University of Nottingham, I already knew of the high quality teaching and research that the University offers, so it was a natural choice for me when deciding to undertake a Masters in Public Health (MPH).

I really enjoyed my year doing the MPH. I learned a lot both from the teaching sessions and from the experiences of others taking the course, who came from a variety of backgrounds from across the world. The staff on the course are all willing to help as you go through the course and there is a really friendly and supportive atmosphere.

I particularly valued the opportunity to develop my skills in data analysis and critical appraisal, and to put these into practice through completing my own research project. The skills I learned on the course enabled me to develop my career and are invaluable in my new role at the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested! 


Allison Hosley
Graduated: 2012 

I am an American, born and raised in Oregon, and did my undergraduate degree in nursing at Seattle Pacific University, graduating with honours in 1998. Following that, I worked as a nurse in the US for a number of years in both hospital and public health settings before travelling abroad to work as a health project manager for various international non-governmental organisations (NGOs). From 2002 to 2008, I was responsible for overseeing the provision of health care to communities affected by conflict and natural disaster in places such as Darfur, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Iraq and Indonesia. Along the way, I worked alongside several people with MPH degrees and saw the value in continuing my education.

I had some connections in Nottingham and was drawn to both the University’s reputation as a global, top-ranked university as well as the quality and excellence of their MPH programme. I haven’t been disappointed. The staff in the Division of Epidemiology and Public Health desire their students to succeed. Resources are available to help mature students like me who have been out of academia for years to reintegrate and study well. After years of working abroad, I was delighted to find that the majority of my cohort were international students like myself, from all over the world, which brought such a richness and depth to our discussions and learning. In 2012, I graduated with distinction from the University’s MPH programme and have since received a scholarship for PhD studies through the International Office, enabling me to continue building upon my MPH research, looking at health promotion amongst ethnic minorities in England. If all goes well, I’ll be Dr Hosley by the end of 2017!


David Stacey
Master of Public Health

Having decided to embark on a postgraduate qualification in Public Health I naturally asked around the office. Whenever I asked the advice of colleagues in Public Health about undertaking an MPH it was Nottingham which came up time and again as the MPH of choice.

One of the key benefits to me of undertaking the MPH in Nottingham has been the fact it is a taught course attracting a real range of students. Being given the opportunity to work with other students from all sorts of different professional backgrounds and from different parts of the world has enabled me to place the debates about critical areas of public health policy and practice into the widest possible context. This has been invaluable in widening my public health knowledge.

The staff at Nottingham are really supportive and have been a huge source of knowledge, expertise and encouragement and their diverse backgrounds helps to provide a real balance to the course with so many and varied skills upon which the department can draw.

David is Programme Manager of Strategy and Performance at the Public Health Directorate of Lincolnshire County Council.


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