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Careers and Testimonials: MMedSci Assisted Reproduction Technology

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Ugwoke Sunday Paul

"I chose to do my masters degree at The University of Nottingham for four key reasons.  First, The University of Nottingham has the UK’s longest running masters course specialising in ART. The implication is that the university has substantial experience and expertise in delivering the course. So, I said to myself, if I truly want to acquire these techniques, I must have to learn from the source – The University of Nottingham.

Secondly, The University of Nottingham has quite a number of scholarship opportunities for international students; far more than any university in the UK can offer.  As at the time I took the decision to do a masters degree, I did not even have enough money to pay for my flight to and from the UK, let alone paying for my tuition fees. However, after going through the website of The University of Nottingham, I saw a plethora of scholarship opportunities ranging from Developing Solutions ScholarshipsCommonwealth ScholarshipsCommonwealth Shared ScholarshipsChevening Scholarship awards and many more. So, my conclusion was that, by the time I apply for all the scholarship opportunities available, perhaps I will be lucky to win one, and I did!  The Chevening scholarship I was awarded has covered my tuition fees and provided for my living expenses.

Thirdly, The University of Nottingham is a world class university and rated in the top 1% of universities worldwide.  It is has consistently been listed as having the most environmentally friendly campus in the world.  Then the fourth but not the least (in fact one of the important) reason why I chose UoN was the low cost of living and the powerful mix of students with different cultures from all over the world.  The University prides itself as being truly global and from my experience I can confirm that it is indeed global."

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Naomi Brown
Graduated 2015

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Nottingham. The course has allowed me to work in a field I have been passionate about for several years now. Though stressful at times I liked how the course challenged my academic abilities and I was able to finish the course with a classification I never thought I could ever achieve. Apart from the academic side of things this opportunity allowed me to meet some wonderful people, both classmates and staff member."

Khaled Saad el-din abdel Raouf  
Graduate 2014

"My current position is a clinical embryologist at Mansoura fertility center in Mansoura city (Egypt), a member of the Egyptian Fertility and Sterility Society and a partner on a fertility center that's about to start (will be running by the start of the year 2017) in Cairo Medical Center.  

If someone asked me about joining the course I would say it's an excellent course in becoming an embryologist with a wide knowledge on both the clinical and laboratory aspects but it lacked giving much time into enriching the practical aspect more than the theory aspect. Therefore, the graduate from this course still needs at least a year training after into the real lab practice if he or she is to work as an embryologist in the laboratory.

Overall, it's a great programme that puts you on the road of becoming a real successful embryologist. This course has helped me understand the clinical and practical aspects of assisted reproduction in a professional/research manner. The course have helped me very much into getting opportunities in the ART that i would have never had without such degree."

Elaine Faulkner
Graduated 2014

"I'd definitely recommend the course as it's a great balance of theory and practical. My experience of the course was great, I met amazing friends and learnt amazing skills. Everyone involved in the course was so helpful and supportive and that really made the difference. I'm so glad I chose this course. The course has definitely given me a helping hand in my career and made me certain that it is the area I want to work in." 

Bryony Whitten
Graduated 2014

"I am currently training as a Clinical Embryologist on the NHS Scientist Training Programme, working at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. I would recommend this course to any prospective students if they wish to attain a career in Clinical Embryology, or in scientific research, as the experience and knowledge I have gained throughout the programme has been invaluable. The practical sessions, and the research project in particular, have been fundamental to my learning and have enabled me to develop both practical and analytical skills that will be instrumental to work within the field. 

I definitely feel that the course provided me with relevant academic background and practical laboratory experience to enable me to progress through the NHS STP application process and interview. The opportunities I was given to present my work and also undergoing the oral examination proved to be great preparation for the interview process, whilst the laboratory experience and lecture content are proving to be advantageous so far on the STP, as I am carrying out my clinical training and supplementary masters.

This was a challenging course, but extremely interesting and I found the hands-on experience of ART techniques in the practical sessions fascinating. Although intense, I felt fully supported by the lecturers and team within the department throughout the programme, always able to ask if I needed any extra help, and the facilities available to students during the course are brilliant."

Laura Heywood
Graduated 2014

My current job title is 'DNA sequencing scientist' at Source Bioscience (even-though I distinctly remember saying I never wanted to do a PCR again in my life after the course was over!). 

On speaking to anyone wishing to undertake the course I would say that; as long as you are sure it would benefit you in the future and have a passion for reproduction it is worth every penny for the invaluable teaching that through heavily practical based learning means that you learn more than you could imagine in one year but still have fun whilst doing som which I would have never originally believed possible. 

Never has a year flown by so quick, nor have I learned so much whilst having a great time with fantastic new friends and staff. This course prepared me for work in a way that my undergraduate course never even scratched the surface on. Becoming more familiar and comfortable with working within a lab and greatly increasing my arsenal of lab skills and being made aware of the clinical aspect of work were completely invaluable lessons for my current role."

Sarah Williamson
Sarah Williamson
Graduated 2010

"I had a great year doing the masters. Although I am not doing embryology now I do think I have gained some really valuble skills from the course (critical analysis skills and practical skills in the lab etc.).

I found the content very interesting and though sometimes a little bit stressful I enjoyed the challenges. The people I met were lovely, very supportive and certainly widened my horizons - so all in all I'm glad I did it!"

George Liperis
George Liperis
Graduated 2009

"If you are interested in the field assisted fertilisation this is the course for you. Either you are interested in following clinical embryology or research in this field, the course will provide you with all the fundamental knowledge necessary to successfully take the first steps.


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