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What our MSc Mental Health Research students say

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Chloe (UK)
Year of study: 2015-16

"Having not previously studied mental health, this MSc attracted me due to its wide range of taught modules which were delivered by both leading researchers and practising clinicians. This was particularly useful in developing a broad knowledge base, gaining an insight into different career paths and directing my own personal interest. The course focuses on developing research skills through the use of different assessment techniques (protocols, systematic reviews, critical appraisals) which is particularly valuable when applying to do a PhD or Clinical Training. The lecturers are extremely supportive and very passionate about their area of expertise. Furthermore, a wide range of topics were available for the research project which included working with different methods (e.g. EEG) and different populations and it was ensured that all students were happy with their project choices. Overall, the MSc enabled me to develop the skills required to pursue a Clinical Neuroscience PhD. I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to pursue a research or clinical career in mental health."

Claudia (Mexico)
Year of study: 2015-16

"As an international student for the MSc degree on Mental Health Research my experience at the University of Nottingham was plenty of enrichment and challenges in every step. The University is very well prepared to give welcome to foreign students, counts with courses and activities available for all interests and needs, helping each of us fulfill our necessities and be accompanied through the learning process as you meet interesting people from all over the world. Every course is designed to develop critical thinking and supervisors and lecturers encourage for further analysis of every giving material. The final goal is to be able to do original research as we learn to analyze and pick up the best of the research available from other investigators all around the world. Although the year is full of work, and sometimes you may feel overwhelmed, at the end the growing in the professional and personal areas are the greatest earnings for all the effort and the time invested. Definitively this was one of the most fruitful years of my professional development to strengthen my knowledge in mental health research."

Ghiselle G. (UK)
Year of study: 2014-15

"I thoroughly enjoyed my Mental Health Research MSc, not only does the course provide a well-rounded overview of a wide variety of topics, but the content was also both thought provoking and challenging. The quality of teaching was also very high, lectures were given by specialists in the field who could relay their hands-on experience, and provide an insightful overview. In addition lectures were often interactive, providing students the opportunity to discuss research and form opinions, giving a starting point for various pieces of coursework. Furthermore the course provides an excellent statistics course, a vital skill for research and clinical practice. This not only increased my confidence in statistics, but was also extremely useful during the statistical analysis stage of my MSc thesis. I am looking to pursue a career in Clinical Psychology and I think the skills I developed throughout this MSc will be invaluable, and definitely build upon and improve those achieved on an undergraduate course. Lastly, having completed both my degrees at Nottingham I couldn't recommend it more highly, both as a city and as a University campus, there is always something going on to get involved in, and the facilities are excellent!"


Danielle B. (UK)
Year of study: 2014-15

"The Mental Health Research course at Nottingham University was varied and exciting – not only across modules which focused on different areas of mental health, but also in the styles and methods of teachings. One of the most exciting parts of the course was being taught by leading researchers and even practitioners in that area. The passion of the lecturers surrounding their subject areas was infectious, encouraging your own further learning and allowing you to develop a perspective and understanding of the subject that would not be obtained simply through reading.

Although the course was challenging, as expected with an MSc, it was a very rewarding experience. Now completed, I feel I have gained a wide knowledge base, and many new skills that cannot be obtained from an undergraduate course. The course allowed me to discover my specific interests, and strengthen my skills in conducting research, which have provided me with the confidence I needed to pursue a career in research and academia. I would highly recommend anyone with an interest in the subject area to take part in the course."


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