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Student Profiles: MSc Workplace Health and Wellbeing (eLearning)

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Charles Alberts
Graduated: 2017

"As an Employee Benefits Consultant, my day-to-day work involves advising employers on benefits and services that help to get their employees back to health. As workplace wellbeing has fast moved up the priority list for employers, I was looking for training that would give me a solid foundation to be more proactive in my work, helping to prevent illness in the first place, and in doing so adding value to all stakeholders.

The University of Nottingham's MSc Workplace Health and Wellbeing both met and exceeded my expectations. It broadened my horizons, opening my eyes to the impact the workplace has on health, and how to identify and address such risks. It taught me about the balance between individual and workplace responsibility, an important consideration often missed in workplace wellness strategies, where the emphasis is mostly on changing the individual's behaviour. 

There is a lot of information in the public domain about workplace wellbeing, not often from authoritative sources, and I particularly valued the way the course teaches you to take a critical view of information to separate fact from fiction.

The course is structured well to accommodate students who work full-time, and for those unable to be onsite at the university, making good use of technology and ensuring the onsite days are jam-packed with useful sessions by thought-leaders in the field, making the most use of students' time.

The course has been incredibly useful in my professional life, equipping me to provide credible advice to employers, and establishing myself as an expert on a mission to make a positive difference in the world of work. It has also helped me to get to the next level in my career, an objective I have been working towards for the past few years.

I can't thank Jonathan and Amanda enough for their insight and support throughout the course, and would highly recommend the University of Nottingham's MSc Workplace Health and Wellbeing to anyone wishing to enhance their knowledge and expertise in this exciting field."


Jamie Green
Graduated: 2017

"As a nurse there were many clinical workplace health courses out there to choose from; I chose Nottingham due to its multidisciplinary approach. In real world workplace health there are few occasions where only a singular discipline is required. This contemporary course challenged me as a clinician to think outside the box in my approach and has definitely enhanced my career prospects more than a singularly focused clinical course would. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course, I have felt stretched yet supported, challenged and encouraged. I was expecting to segregate my working life from my study life; however, from the first module I was utilising new ideas, terms and contemporary approaches directly in my workplace, disseminating my new knowledge (to the delight of my boss). 

As a student with disabilities returning to higher education, I was concerned I may struggle with the assessments. My fears subsided quickly as every step of the way both student support and the course tutors have supported me, but more importantly gently pushed me to reach my full academic potential.

From day one I felt included and respected as a professional by both the tutors and my peers. I would highly recommend this course to any professional seeking a relevant contemporary workplace health and wellbeing course."

Jamie is a senior occupational health nurse.


Mike Tyler
Graduated: 2017

"Despite believing I had good experience in workplace health issues and other professional qualifications I, like so many others, could not demonstrate a formal education in this specific area. The MSc at Nottingham was just what I was looking for – extensive, rigorous, thought provoking and appropriately challenging. There were many topics where the course syllabus or my research project made me reconsider my previously held views and recognise alternative approaches using the scientific methods that underpin the course. The quality of the academic teaching and support plus the opportunity to interact with other industry professionals both on line and in person at the residential workshops makes this an outstanding experience. Indeed, so much so that it has prompted me to continue my studies."

 is Partner at Lockton International Benefits.  


Andrew Pritchard
Graduated: 2017

"Returning to education was a big step I made following a direct experience of stress and anxiety owing to working shifts and being in a demanding policing role. I wanted to understand and explore the reasons why I experienced what I did in order to learn more about work-related stress.

I found the course extended my mind in many directions opening new lines of study and research. Psychology as a whole has captured my interest, especially in understanding behaviour. I am now looking to further study in ergonomics, furthering my knowledge in the discipline and relationships with other core business areas that affect individuals and our working environment.

Since completing my Masters degree in Workplace Health and Wellbeing at the University of Nottingham I have already been approached by two consultancies that work in the human resource and health and safety fields wanting to learn more about the discipline of wellbeing to develop a greater understanding. 

The experience and knowledge of the staff you will find to be exceptional. My project supervisor was supportive with open lines of communication providing guidance and support in addition to having leading knowledge in the disciplines that will be studied. If you want to learn and develop personally from some of the best academics in their discipline, this course will challenge you mentally, though provide you with an educational environment that allows you to have control. I am personally proud to have shared this experience with such great tutors and a lovely cohort."

Andrew is a Health and Safety Advisor.


Dorothy Dlamini
Graduated: 2015

“I was looking for a course that would help me develop my professional skills and knowledge further in particular with regard to understanding the relationship between work and health. I needed this in order to work better with HR and managers in improving people’s health at work. I stumbled on the course during an internet search of courses and universities. When looking at the modules offered, I was thrilled. It seemed a perfect fit. And it was.

As over the past two years the course helped me develop professionally and surpassed my expectations in many ways. I have learnt many valuable skills which are useful in occupational health. All six taught modules are relevant in my role as an occupational health practitioner and they all contribute to a much greater understanding of the relationship between work and health. They would do well to be included in any academic development of occupational health professionals in my view.

As a mature student I was always under pressure (even before commencing the course!) due to family and work commitments. But the people directing and convening the course are to be commended for excellence in all aspects of delivering the course. They made undergoing the course the best experience I have ever had in learning. From the way the course is delivered, to the standard of teaching, the IT, and the support offered to each student, they were excellent. All their efforts to help me did in fact contribute immensely to my success. I can never thank them enough.”


Shaun Davis
Graduated: 2014

“The practical workplace application dimension of this programme is, in my opinion, a real strength and one that, speaking with my practitioner hat on, should not be underestimated or undersold. I had not fully appreciated how applicable to the ‘day job’ the programme would be when I signed up to it – so thank you and good luck with all future cohorts.”

Shaun is Group director of safety, health and wellbeing, Royal Mail Group.


Judith Grant
Graduated: 2013

"Studying for the MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing not only enabled me to learn about cutting- edge research in the field of employee health, but significantly progressed my career. Within three months of beginning the MSc, I was offered a new job with a corporate wellbeing provider (whom I stayed with for two years), as the qualification was so well respected. The course offers fantastic networking opportunities in the field of wellbeing--it was through this network that I was approached to apply for my current job as Group Head of Health and Wellbeing at Royal Mail. The MSc is the best career move I have made!"   


  Molly Healey
Molly Healey
Graduated: 2012

"I first started to consider undertaking an MSc several years ago. I was conscious that as nursing had become a degree entry profession, those who decide to specialise in Occupational Health are likely to seek a Masters-level qualification; I wanted to make sure that I had the skills, knowledge and qualifications to be able to compete with other graduates coming through. I had completed my degree in Occupational Health and Safety Management five years earlier but I found much of what was covered during my degree was not of practical use in my role as a Senior Specialist Occupational Health Advisor in a NHS trust, with its own health and safety department. After thoroughly reviewing the courses on offer, I opted for the MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing at Nottingham, as the course content appeared very relevant to my role.

The course did not disappoint. The module topics are centred on contemporary health issues which are common in any workplace, with an emphasis on developing and evaluating interventions; yet the assessments are broad enough to allow you to explore issues which are of interest and relevance to your specific work area. The research project was particularly satisfying and has given me the skills and confidence to undertake further research and evaluate interventions in the workplace."

My biggest fear was juggling the demands of study with working and having a young family (my daughters were 4 & 2 years old when I started the course). But the flexibility of the course made it very easy for me to fit study around my work and family demands, and the support provided by the tutors and the other students (some of whom have become good friends), made the whole experience quite enjoyable! The knowledge and skills I have developed during course were instrumental in helping me secure my new role with a multinational organisation and I would highly recommend this course."

Molly is an Occupational Health Advisor.


  Jo Megget
Jo Megget
Graduated: 2012

"After being away from academia for over 8 years I was keen to engage in further study that I would find intellectually engaging whilst being relevant to my role and career progression. Coming from a background in occupational therapy I had transitioned into occupational heath 5 years ago and felt I was gaining a good level of practical experience but felt less confident with the theoretical background of the discipline.

I literally stumbled across the MSc in Workplace Health whilst googling for courses that might meet my criteria. The clincher was being able to complete the majority of the course remotely and fit in with working full time.

To say the course was a challenge would be an understatement but I felt supported throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the learning involved. The topics covered were contemporary and extremely relevant and I believe have provided me with an enhanced perspective on organisational health issues and their management. Looking back I have to say it was certainly worth it."

Jo is an occupational therapist.


  Ian Nixon
Ian Nixon
Graduated: 2012.

"I am Safety, Health and Environmental Manager for the Highways Sector of a leading engineering solutions provider. 

Prior to starting the MSc Workplace Health and Wellbeing I had completed a BSc (Hons) Safety, Health and Environmental Management and achieved CMIOSH, both of which were heavily Safety biased. I was looking to increase my expertise in the Health element of my role, whilst working full time with nationwide travel.

I was fortunate to be sponsored by my employer and the MSc in Workplace Health and Wellbeing offered the flexibility to fit study around work and other commitments. Online tutorials allowed me log in from where ever I happened to be and contact with tutors via email meant someone was always available to answer questions. The few occasions when there were face to face tutorials was time well spent with industry experts sharing their knowledge and providing practical examples that I could relate to and use in the real world.

In addition the diverse background of the other course delegates was valuable to understand how health is managed in other industries at both a corporate and site level. The MSc isn’t a commitment to be taken lightly; however, now it’s complete it was definitely worth it!"



Tim Rickard talks about the flexibility his course offers, and how it has influenced his professional practice. 

Melanie Whitmore explains why the Workplace Health and Wellbeing course was right for her. 



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