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Sarcopenia in response to acute stress

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Professor John Gladman, Dr Adam Gordon and Professor Paul Greenhaff 
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Schools of Medicine and Life Sciences
sarcopenia frailty
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December 2017

Project description

There is increasing recognition of the importance of acute illness (medical or surgical) upon muscle function and physiology, and hence the outcomes of patients in whom such function is critical, such as older people with frailty. Interventions to improve outcomes in such people are likely to include optimal medical care, optimal use of rehabilitation including exercise, nutrition, electrical stimulation, and new pharmacological agents that alter muscle metabolism. Much work is required to characterise groups of such patients, to develop scientifically-based interventions, to develop biomarkers to enable the tailoring of interventions and as proxy outcome measures, and to evaluate the interventions.

Many potential PhD studies could be conducted in this general area, depending upon the interests and prior skills of the applicants.  




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