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Primary Care Fellows

Dr Daniel Crowfoot
Primare Care Fellow (HEEM)

"My name is Daniel Crowfoot and I work as an Honorary Clinical Lecturer in the School of Medicine under the supervision of Dr Vibhore Prasad. This forms part of a GP Fellowship which consists of clinical work as a salaried GP, work as an Honorary Clinical Lecturer and working towards obtaining a Masters in Medical Education. The qualification and work at the University is funded by Health Education East Midlands.

Since coming into post in August 2015 my primary area of focus has been leading on a consultation in change management with aims to improve student and GP tutor satisfaction through the introduction of minor changes in the Community Follow Up (CFU) module. I have presented my work as an oral presentation at the Regional Trent Society of Academic Primary Care (SAPC) meeting and as an academic poster at the National SAPC Dublin Conference.  

My work has also involved leading within CFU module on curriculum mapping, with aims to show that the CFU demonstrate constructive alignment and also how it links into the General Medical Council’s (GMC’s) ‘Outcomes for Graduates’ statements and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) curriculum.

I am currently supervising a CFU medical student who is undertaking a CFU Studentship on developing a social media policy for CFU by using the policies currently in place at the University and the RCGP Social Media Highway Code and developing a policy that is relevant to the new developments in social media. 

Aside from the above I also have a teaching responsibility in the School of Medicine and I have been involved in small group teaching in CFU, final year Advanced Clinical Experience primary care placements and also as an OSCE examiner for medical student finals.

The Primary Care Fellowship has given me an opportunity to expand an area of interest whilst maintaining a clinical work commitment and it has provided me with opportunities that would not be open to me otherwise."
Dr Charlotte Camm
Primary Care Fellow (HEEM)

"I am a newly qualified GP and I was fortunate to be offered a HEEM fellowship post which started in September 2016. I aim to get a better understanding of the type of work that is undertaken in the Division of Primary Care and how the undergraduate curriculum is developed. I hope to assist in the evaluation and development of the new Community Based Medicine module for 4th year medical students and I am eager to gain further experience of undergraduate teaching."

Dr Omar Khalique
Primary Care Fellow (HEEM)

"I work as a salaried GP alongside working in the Division of Primary Care performing research under supervision of Dr Taggar. Alongside this I am also working towards obtaining a Certificate in Medical Education at the University. The qualification and work at the University is funded by Health Education East Midlands.

I have been in post for the past four months and have started working on a systematic review of 'Smart device technology in medical education'. I am aiming to consolidate the evidence-base for smart device technology which will help guide the integration of smart devices into existing medical education programmes and facilitate developing more innovative methods of teaching, learning and assessment in the future. I have also helped to produce video presentations and assisted with the production of some multimedia material for the new CP2 module and also for GP careers.

I am only a few months into my Fellowship, but thoroughly enjoying this great opportunity."
Dr Anutapa Roy
Primary Care Fellow (HEEM)

"My name is Anutapa Roy and I am one of the HEEM GP Fellows. I started this post in August 2016 and I am really pleased to get this opportunity to develop my interest in medical education.

I am working on a Community Follow-Up (CPU) related project aiming to explore the Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) students’ experiences and perceptions about the CFU module. I will also explore whether their views change as they progress though medical school and after graduation. As part of this GP Fellowship programme I am doing the postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education that has been funded by HEEM."

Dr Jasprit Bhamrah
Primary Care Fellow (HEEM)

"I am very excited about working at Nottingham medical school and hope to contribute to developing the teaching for medical students and supporting them in their career choices."


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