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DBS and Occupational Health Checks

Thank you for making the University of Nottingham/Lincoln Medical School your firm choice!

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Lincoln Medical School students

Please visit Lincoln's student services website to see the support available. If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, please email the team.

Prompt action is now required to satisfy the terms of your offer

DBS Clearance

You now need to satisfy the additional conditions to your offer with us, which includes the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check. The cost of a DBS check will be £50 which will be applied to your university student account when you start with us in September.

If you already have a DBS certificate we may be able to accept it if:

  • It is a check of both adult and child workforces including the barred lists
  • You present the original of your certificate in person by Friday 9 August 2019
  • You are signed up to the DBS update service

Please contact us at ss-reception-qmc@nottingham.ac.uk to discuss if we can accept an existing DBS.


Please see the table below for details of our courses. Use only the details of the course that you have an offer from and register with GBG Online Disclosures. When completing your DBS form online you must take care to ensure you enter the correct information in the correct field.

Please note: In the forename field, only enter your >first name, if you have more than one name you will need to enter this in the middle name field separately per name.



Mistakes made on the online form may result in a second verification at the Post Office, additional delay and most likely an extra fee for verification.


GBG registration log in details
Course NameOriginal/Org PIN Unique/Secret Word
A100 Medicine (Nottingham and Derby Pathway) 150802 UoNMedical
A10L Medicine (Lincoln Pathway) 169402  UoLincMedical 
A108 Medicine with F/Year (Nottingham and Derby Pathway) 150804 UoNMedical
A18L Medicine with F/Year (Lincoln Pathway) 169403  UoLincMedical 
A101 Graduate Entry Medicine 150668 UoNMedical
B723 Midwifery 150719 UoNMidwife
B730 Child Nursing 150717 UoNNurse
B740 Adult Nursing 150713 UoNNurse
B767 Mental Health Nursing 150715 UoNNurse
C630 Sport Rehabilitation 150723 UoNSportRehab
B160 Physiotherapy 150721 UoNPhysio


Identity checking service at the Post Office

GBG offers a DBS-compliant, integrated face-to-face ID checking service via Post Office Ltd® (POL).The service allows applicants to receive the benefits of using an online criminal record checking process without the administration of verifying the identity documents of individuals. The process also avoids applicants having to send original ID through the post or travelling extended distances to have your identity documents checked.

When completing your online application, you simply select the ID you wish to have verified. You will be invited to print off a pre-populated form with personal details and ID link, this together will need to be taken to the nearest Crown Post Office along with original ID for verification.

It is important to enter the exact information for each document. If the details entered do not match the ID shown at the Post Office, the Post Office will be unable to process the application for you

To find the closest Crown post office where you can complete your GBG Verification, please click here.

Very important information

Please do not select DBS ID validation service as this service is not compatible with the barcoded sheet you will be taking in for verification. You need to select CRB and ID verification service to find the participating GBG Post Offices.





Occupational health check

The University of Nottingham has contracted with  OHWorks Ltd for the provision of Occupational Health Services to staff and students.

Now that you have made us your firm choice at the University of Nottingham or the Lincoln Medical School we need to be aware of any health conditions which could be relevant to your proposed course of training. Such information will be carefully considered in advising on your medical suitability for your proposed course, and where possible all reasonable support will be provided to enable you to complete the course. For those undertaking Medicine/Nursing/Midwifery amongst other subjects, we need to ensure that you will be able to fulfil the competency standards of the course and of the relevant regulatory body (e.g. GMC/ NMC).

You must complete the online health questionnaire promptly. Within a short time of submitting your information, OHWorks will contact you.

Some students have jeopardised the start of their placements by not engaging with Occupational Health. It is your responsibility to ensure that you cooperate with all occupational health procedures. Do not leave the process until the last minute and make sure that you check your emails and voicemail regularly. If we do not hear from you after two attempts to contact you, OHWorks Ltd will notify the University.

Please ensure that your online health questionnaire is completed as soon as possible and that you have located all of your vaccination records ready for the immunisation clinics. Failure to complete the occupational health process means failure to comply with the requirements of your course. 

Guidance to Immunisation, Screening and Health Clearance

Online health questionnaire (refer to guidance before completing this)

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