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DBS and Occupational Health Checks

Thank you for making the University of Nottingham or Lincoln Medical School your firm choice.

Next steps...

You now need to complete the additional conditions of your offer. This includes:

  • a DBS Clearance check
  • an Occupational Health Check

DBS clearance

The cost of a DBS check is £46. This will be applied to your university student account after you start with us in September.

Please use the table below to find the PIN and secret word for your course. This is needed to complete your DBS check and must match the course that you have an offer for. 

GBG registration log in details
 Course name Original/Org PIN Unique/secret word
 A100 Medicine  150802  UoNMedical
 A108 Medicine with a Foundation Year  150804  UoNMedical
 A10L Medicine (Lincoln)  169402  UoLincMedical
 A18L (Lincoln)  169403  UoLincMedical
 A101 Medicine (Graduate Entry)  150800  UoNMedical
 B723 Midwifery  150719  UoNMidwife
 B730 Child Nursing  150717  UoNNurse
 B740 Adult Nursing  150713  UoNNurse
 B767 Mental Health Nursing  150715  UoNNurse
 MSc Nursing Nursing (all branches)  150727  UoNNurse
 C630 Sports Rehabilitation  150723  UoNSportRehab
 B160 Physiotherapy  150654  UoNPhysio


Start your DBS check

When completing your DBS form online you must ensure you enter the correct information.

For example, in the forename field, only enter your first name, if you have more than one name you will need to enter this in the middle name field separately per name.

Mistakes made on the online form may result in a second verification at the Post Office, additional delay and most likely an extra fee for verification.



Occupational health check

Before you start your course, we need to be aware of any health conditions you have. All information will be carefully assessed to make sure you are medical suitability for your course, and where possible all reasonable support will be provided.

If you are studying medicine, nursing or midwifery, we need to ensure that you will be able to fulfil the competency standards of the course and of the relevant regulatory body (GMC/ NMC).

You must complete the online health questionnaire. Once you have submitted your questionnaire, OHWorks will be in touch.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you complete all occupational health procedures.

Please ensure that your online health questionnaire is completed as soon as possible and that you have located all of your vaccination records ready for the immunisation clinics. Failure to complete the occupational health process means failure to comply with the requirements of your course. 

Do not leave the process until the last minute and make sure that you check your emails and voicemail regularly. If we do not hear from you after two attempts to contact you, OHWorks Ltd will notify the University.

Please note Occupational Health will be reviewing students fitness to study and complete placements in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. See read the University’s website for further information for applicants and future students.

Start your occupational health questionnaire

Please ensure you have read the immunisation, screening and health clearance guidance before completing the questionnaire.



Frequently asked questions


What is the deadline for completing my DBS check and the Occupational Health questionnaire?

If you have firmed your offer on or before 18 June 2020, the deadline for completing your DBS check and Occupational Health questionnaire is 17 July 2020. This must include:

  • the Occupational Health questionnaire
  • completing the DBS check details online
  • taking identity documents to the Post Office for verification

We do not expect all DBS certificates to have been issued by this date, but you must have completed the two steps outlined above by the deadline.

The deadline I have been given to meet for DBS/Occupational Health is not the same as my friend who has applied for the same/a different course
We write to applicants about DBS and OH in batches.  If you have been contacted later than your friend, your deadline will be later than theirs.
I cannot meet the deadline for DBS and/or the Occupational Health check

If you are afraid you cannot meet the deadline you have been set, please let us know at ss-reception-qmc@exmail.nottingham.ac.uk


Identity documents for DBS checks

What documents do I need to verify my identity for the DBS check and how are they checked and verified?

You can use only the documents required by the DBS service. Visit the gov.uk website to find out more.

If you have any queries please visit the GBG Online Disclosures website.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact GBG Online Disclosures team:

  • 0845 251 5000
  • onlinedisclosures@gbgplc.com

You must take your documents to the Post Office where they will be checked and immediately returned to you. Post Office staff will scan a barcode that you provide which will be issued to you by GBG after you have input all of your details on their system. This barcode scan notifies the DBS service that your identity has been verified and your check will be set in motion.

Please note that only certain post offices offer the GBG checking service. Visit the GBG website for further details.

I do not have my passport, driving license, birth certificate, or other key documents with me at this present time as they are at a different address

If you do not have enough of the eligible documents listed the gov.uk website, please contact our student services team. We will need to talk to you to find out when it is possible to run your DBS check and if necessary we may need to seek approval from the admissions tutor to request an extension to the deadline.


Existing DBS certificates

I have an existing DBS can I use it?

If you have a DBS certificate from a previous job or from a volunteering role, it must meet the same criteria as the University of Nottingham check. This means it must be an enhanced check covering the child and adult workforces barred lists and it must be registered with the DBS update service.

Certificates can only be registered with the update service within the first 28 days after issue. We will need to see the original certificate as soon as possible. Since we cannot do this at the present time as Student Services staff are currently working from home, we will need to do this on a video call. Please contact our student services team and we will make an appointment with you. A copy of the original certificate should be uploaded to your MyNottingham student account with the file name in the following format: “DBS Cert_Applicant Surname, initial, MyNottingham ID number”.

You will also need to bring in the original certificate to Student Services when you arrive in Nottingham. If we cannot view the original certificate over a video call because the picture is too poor, or we fail to locate your records on the Update Service, or you fail to bring in the original DBS certificate when requested, you will be asked to complete a new check immediately with GBG Online Disclosures.

I do not know if my existing DBS is on the Update Service. I would like to add it if possible/extend my certificate to include both child and adult workforces.

The update service is a paid for subscription service and costs £13 per year.  You can only add a certificate to the update service within the first month of issue. It is not possible to alter a certificate after issue.


Length of DBS Cover

How long does the University of Nottingham DBS cover last?
The DBS check will cover you for three years’ study. If you need a new one because your course is longer than three years or because you take time out of the course and do not complete within three years, your school will pay for a second check.

DBS Check Payment

Who pays for the DBS check?
Applicants are asked to pay for the check. It will be added to your student account after you have registered and you will have to come into a Student Services Centre to pay the charge. Do not pay for the charge on the University’s Online Store as this payment will not automatically remove the charge on your account.
If I do not take up my place do I still pay for the DBS?
No, offer holders who do not register as students will not pay for the check

Questions about Occupational Health

I have a question about my health and how it may affect my course, who do I contact?

The Occupational Health service is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You can contact them on:

  • uonstudents@ohworks.co.uk
  • 0115 951 4329
I do not have any vaccination records/they are lost
OH Works will discuss this with you at your appointment at the start of term and vaccinations will be provided where necessary.

Overseas Students and Occupational Health and DBS Checks

I am an overseas/EU student living overseas, when do I complete the DBS check/Occupational Health questionnaire?

Overseas and EU students are not required to complete the DBS check until they arrive in the UK but they must complete the Occupational Health questionnaire and respond to any queries from the occupational health team before you arrive.

We also require overseas and EU applicants to provide a Letter of Good Standing from their local law enforcement authority or other national organisation. This letter should show that you have no criminal record in your home country. The letter of good standing should be uploaded to your MyNottingham student account with the file name in the following format: “LOGS_Applicant Surname, initial, MyNottingham ID number”.

At the start of term we will ask you to complete the DBS check and you will need a document from the approved list mentioned above, giving your UK address. We recommend you open a UK bank account as soon as you can when you arrive in the UK as you can use a letter from your bank with your UK address as proof of address for the check.

I am an overseas/EU student living in the UK at present, when do I complete the DBS check?
If you are an overseas or EU student currently living in the UK at the time of your application and have ID documents featuring your UK address, you can do the check now and do not need to wait until the start of term.


Advice and support

If you have a general question about your course or application please email our enquiries team. As a student based at the University of Nottingham or Lincoln Medical School, you will benefit from a range of advice and support.


Nottingham Medical School support

Please visit the University website to see the support available.

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, please contact our academic and disability support services.


Lincoln Medical School support

Please visit the University website to see the support available.

If you have a disability or specific learning difficulty, please contact the student wellbeing team at the University of Lincoln


If you have any questions about the DBS check or Occupational Health questionnaire, please get in touch.



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