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Welcome to Nottingham 



Congratulations on getting your place at the University of Nottingham!

Now that you have your place you are wondering what you need to do next? The purpose of this page it to help to guide you to the information you need to prepare for starting university. Induction events organised by the School are designed to help you to understand how your course is organised and run and what you need to do to be successful in your time at Nottingham.  You can find the Natural Sciences Welcome Programme above. 

We have also set up a facebook group to give our new students the opportunity to meet each other before they arrive. If you have any questions to want to ask a current student then you can post questions from now on the padlet page set up by the peer mentors, they will be intermittantly on this over the next few weeks but will all be around on the 9th of September answering questions. 

Post a question on padlet for the Peer Mentors to answer - online September 9th

Join the New Starter group on Facebook to chat to other students who will be starting in September

What you need to do once your place at Nottingham is confirmed

Once you have accepted your offer from Nottingham and made the grades you need to start preparing for your arrival.   

Complete Online registration - Online registration opens approximately 3 weeks before the start of your course and should be done prior to your arrival.  In your first year you register online and then confirm your attendance in-person during Week One.

Activate your IT Acccount - Once you have completed online registration you will be able to activate your IT account and university email account by logging back into MyNottingham using the login details provided by email.  

Upload your photo and apply for your student card - Do this online before you arrive so the card is ready once you get here. It can be done once you have completed online registration using the user name and password in the email.   

Choose your pathway for Natural Sciences - Information will be sent out in the last week of August about the course structure for the first year and you will be asked to decide which pathway (combination of subjects) you want to study.  The deadline for pathway choices is the 13th of September. If you have not had the email please contact us.  

Check the details for arriving at your accommodation - Make sure you know whether there is anything you need to do in advance, check what you need to bring or buy when you get here (there's an Ikea and a Dunelm nearby) and that there are no surprises on moving day

Start working through the Your University Journey NOOC - Once you have sorted out your University account you can login to moodle (using your username and login details) and look a this NOOC to prepare for university study.

Update your MyNottingham app - You will need to change from the applicant profile to the current student profile.  

Open a Student Bank Account - lots of the banks have different deals available for students including interest-free overdrafts, complementary travel insurance, exclusive discounts and free student rail cards so now is the time to shop around to get the best deal for you.   

Pack your things ready to move to University - There is a more information about what to bring with you online but the key thing is to remember things you can’t buy while you are here:

  • Important personal documentation (passport, driving license, birth certificate, id, health forms),
  • Notes from A levels and text books (often handy in your first year),
  • Medical stuff (any prescription drugs, repeat prescriptions, doctor's note about long term conditions),
  • Financial information (student loans company, sponsorship, bank details)
  • Personal items you might like to remind you of home. 

Find out more about what to expect in your first few weeks on the Welcome webpages

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What to expect in your first couple of weeks

The Welcome Week programme is linked above and includes a number of different activities.  Activities which are shaded are only attended if you are taking the subject listed, the others are things which you all attend.  

During your first week you will:

  • Meet the Course Director and other Key Staff involved with running the Natural Sciences degrees
  • Meet your Personal Tutor and find out where to find them and how to arrange meetings with them
  • Meet your Peer Mentors and find out how they can help you to adjust to University
  • Meet NatSci Soc and get to know more about the social side of the course
  • Meet people in your hall and on your course and start to make friends
  • Find out more about the structure of your degree programme
  • Find out where to find the timetable and how to understand what you are supposed to attend
  • Find out where to find important information about the course and the University
  • Find out where to go if you need help and what to do if you are unwell
  • Get to know the campus, learn where certain rooms are and start to become more familiar with your new home

Teaching for some subjects starts on the Thursday of the first week of term and any lectures that you will have to attend will be on the Welcome Week programme.  

Nottingham use personalised timetables for students but for new first year students it can take a little while for these to be showing correctly (due to registration and splits for small-group classes).  To make sure that first year students do not miss anything you will be given a paper-copy of the timetable to cover the first couple of weeks at the registration session so that you know what teaching you need to attend.  The Peer Mentors will show you how to access your peronalised timetable and once that is available you can start using that.  

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