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Academic and Transferable Skills Portfolio

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From September 2017 Natural Sciences will be introducing the Academic and Transferable Skills Portfolio.  This module is being introduced to assist new students with the transition into higher education and support them in developing the skills that they will need to be successful in their studies and in their future career.  This module will be compulsory for all first year students and there will be a number of workshops which will be required but there will also be a range of optional workshops which students can opt to take if they wish.  There will be no upper limit to the number of workshops or seminars students can attend and they will be open to all years of Natural Sciences students.  

In addition this module will provide a vehicle for increasing understanding and appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of science through seminar series which explore science in practice; bringing in people from academia and industy to talk about their work and highlight the interactions between traditional disciplines which are taking place in modern science.  

Workshops will fall into 6 different categories:

Writing and Communication

  • Academic Writing
  • Writing Essays
  • Essays in Exams
  • Writing Lab Reports
  • Writing for projects
  • Using posters to communicate
  • Presentation Skills

Academic Skills and Techniques

  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Study groups
  • Preparing for Chemistry Labs
  • Writing for Mathematics
  • Introduction to Statistics

Research and Study Skills

  • Understanding your degree
  • Referencing & plagiarism
  • Introduction to academic study skills
  • Effective note taking
  • Making use of the library
  • Exam revision & preparation
  • Making use of feedback

Wellness and Personal Management

  • Managing your time
  • Resilience and expectations
  • Motivational tools
  • Managing stress
  • Working in a group


  • Writing a CV
  • Cover Letters & Applications
  • Interview Techniques
  • Mock Assessment Centres
  • Linkedin & your online profile


  • Science in Practice
  • Alumni Spotlights
  • Science Public Lecture Series
  • Pint of Science Festival



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