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Rachel in the Mathematical Sciences Building
Rachel Hsuan
MSci Natural Sciences: Chemistry (Biological Sciences) Final Year
I like the idea of being able to study more than one subject and not having to focus purely on one thing.  Natural Sciences is great because it gives you that variety but also enables you to look further out, to broaden your view of science as a whole. 


Rachel in the Mathematical Sciences building
Rachel Taylor
BSc Natural Sciences: Mathematics Biological Sciences Year 2
Ellie reading in the Mathematical Sciences foyer
Ellie Cooke
BSc Natural Sciences: Biological Sciences Chemistry Year 2
Michelle Bound
MSci Natural Sciences: Chemistry (Physics) Final Year

I really enjoy studying multiple subjects. It gives you the chance to see how they're connected and you realise that science isn't split into clear cut subjects but is much more interdisciplinary. I think it makes you look at things a bit differently than those that are on single subject courses.


Dom reading in the Engineering and Science Learning Centre
Dominic Mistry
MSci Natural Sciences: Mathematics Chemistry Year 3

I really like the other people on the course it is a well knit group and feels like a community and because you are in different lectures you meet lots of people.  I have a far wider range of friends than other people I live with. 


Lauren in the US
Lauren James
MSci Natural Sciences: Chemistry Physics Year 3

My name is Lauren, I am twenty years old and currently studying the third year of Natural Sciences degree in the USA at Bucknell University, Pennsylvania on the Universitas-21 exchange. 


Hollie working on her computer in Coates Cafe
Hollie Poulter
MSci Natural Sciences: Geography Biological Sciences Year 3

I loved living in halls and everyone that I live with now was in my hall in the first year. We used to have formal dinners in small groups with tutors and you would go and chat about how you were getting on; I felt really supported. 


Claire Wallace
MSci Natural Sciences: Biological sciences (Mathematics) Final Year

The atmosphere of the university felt incredible. There are so many opportunities to get involved in whatever you’re interested in. Also the campus environment is brilliant, and it’s not too far away from the main city centre either

Daniel Gallanders
BSc Natural Sciences: Graduate 2012

My Natural Sciences degree has helped me a lot in my career so far. The degree has given me a firm understanding of a range of different sciences, which has allowed me to focus more on how I am teaching rather than what I am teaching.



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