Natural Sciences

Third year projects

Synoptic module

All Natural Science students undertake a group project during their third year. As our degrees cover a wide mix of subjects, the project topics show how our students can approach problems from a fresh perspective. By bringing their individual areas of expertise to their projects, our students produce exciting, unexpected results.

Project work is assessed through ways including an extensive report and presentation, examples of which are below.

Current presentations

Alzheimer's brains
Defining and treating complex disease
Pruning model
Disorders that display synesthesia-like symptoms
Graph of carbon dioxide emissions
Will we trigger the runaway greenhouse effect?
Colour vision

An investigation into colour vision in 14 genera of lemur

Leaf colour change
The effect of climate change on autumn leaf colour
Thermus aquaticus
Life's limits: temperature
Bioluminescent plant
The future of bioluminescent streetlights
Predicted surface air temperatures
Modelling sulphur atmospheric injections from 2030 to 2080
Calcium oscillation
Spontaneous calcium oscillations in astrocytes

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