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Tuesday 12th March 2019 (12:30-13:30)
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Peter Godolphin will be presenting this lunchtime seminar, on the subject "Central adjudication in randomised stroke trials: results from a systematic review and meta-analysis".

Peter is a medical statistician at NCTU and is in the final year of a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship.  His PhD investigates central adjudication in randomised stroke trials and his research interests are in efficient trial design and conduct.

In multicentre trials, information such as medical notes, case report forms, video footage, and audio recordings may be sent to a group of independent blinded experts, known as adjudicators.  These adjudicators assess whether a trial participant has experienced the outcome of primary interest and/or any adverse events.  Some trials also have outcomes assessed at each site by local investigators, but these are often discarded in the analysis in favour of centrally adjudicated outcomes which is viewed as the gold standard.  However, recent evidence has questioned the value of central adjudication in randomised trials.

Peter will present the results of a systematic review that compares outcome assessment by central adjudicators with site investigators, and whether certain trial characteristics make adjudication more or less effective.


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