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Monday 25th November 2019 (13:30-14:30)
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Title: Designing diagnostic and prognostic imaging studies: key design concepts and reducing bias

Presenter: Dr Susan Mallet - Institute of Applied Health Research - University of Birmingham

Presentation synopsis: Professor Sue Mallett is a medical statistician based at University of Birmingham where she works on diagnosis and prognosis including clinical trials, systematic reviews and methodology.  Her particular interests are in imaging trials including recently published trials of diagnostic tests in Crohn's disease, colon and lung cancer.  She is actively involved in the development of risk of bias tools in both diagnosis (QUADAS-2, QUADAS-2C) and prediction models (PROBAST).

Abstract: Trials of diagnotic tests typically focus on diagnostic accuracy alone.  In this talk I will present diagnostic studies designed to measure outcomes in addition to diagnostic accuracy including therapeutic patient management, time to diagnosis and number of tests.  In addition, I will present PROBAST, a new tool to assess risk of bias in studies of prediction models.


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