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Trial Name:  Gentamicin in the Treatment Of Gonorrhoea (G-TOG)

Chief Investigator:  Jonathan Ross, University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Trial Description:  Currently the antibiotic ceftriaxone is used to treat gonorrhoea, but there is increasing evidence that this antibiotic is becoming less effective over time and will stop curing patients with gonorrhoea within the next few years.

Many currently available antibiotics do not work against gonorrhoea, and there is an urgent need to find an alternative treatment which is effective and safe. Gentamicin was used in the past in the UK to treat gonorrhoea, and laboratory testing suggests that it remains effective against gonorrhoea. It is currently being used as a treatment in some developing countries.

This randomised trial is comparing gentamicin with the current standard treatment ceftriaxone to assess whether gentamicin is a safe and effective alternative treatment for gonorrhoea. Recruitment commenced in October 2014 and is taking place in eight sexual heath centres in the UK. It will continue for 26 months with an estimated sample size of 720 participants. The primary outcome is clearance of gonorrhoea at all infected sites confirmed by swab testing two weeks after treatment.

Contact:  Sukhwinder Thandi

Funding:  NIHR Health Technology Assessment

Status:  Analysis and Reporting

Publications:  2014-33

 Further Information:  Sukhwinder Thandi (Trial Manager)


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