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Trial Name:  Community in-reach and care transition (CIRACT Trial)

Chief Investigator:  Opinder Sahota, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Trial Description:  This trial aims to reduce the length of hospital stay and re-admission and to improve health-related quality of life for unplanned hospital admission for people over the age of 70 years by delivery of the Community in-reach and care transition (CIRACT) service as compared to traditional hospital based rehabilitation. The primary outcome measure is hospital length of stay from admission to discharge from the general medical elderly care ward. Follow up of participants is to day 91 post discharge date. Embedded within the study are health economics and mechanism and action sub-studies. The planned sample size was 240 participants; which was achieved in July 2014.

Contact: Diane Whitham

Funding:  NIHR Health Services and Delivery Research

Status:  Analysis and Reporting

Further Information:




Trial Name:  Cognitive Rehabilitation for Attention and Memory for people with Multiple Sclerosis (CRAMMS)

Chief Investigator:  Nadina Lincoln, The University of Nottingham

Trial Description:  Around two thirds of people with Multiple Sclerosis experience difficulties paying attention, learning, remembering new things and planning tasks. This can be distressing for the individual and their family and friends. Small scale trials suggest that cognitive rehabilitation may be effective to improve memory in people with MS. However, large randomised controlled trials have not been performed.

This trial is assessing whether a group cognitive rehabilitation programme plus usual care is associated with reduced impact of MS on quality of life, compared to usual care alone. The primary outcome is the psycholofical impact of MS on everyday life 12 months after randomisation. Estimated sample size is 400 participants, to be recruited from 5 sites. Recruitment closed at the end of March 2017.

Contact: Florence Day

Funding:  NIHR Health Techonology Assessment

Status:  Follow-up

Further Information:  Florence Day (Trial Manager)




Trial Name:  Rehabilitation of memory following traumatic brain injury: a randomised trial (ReMemBrin Trial)

Chief Investigator:  Roshan das Nair, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Trial Description:  Memory problems are common following traumatic brain injury. These can not only be persistent, but may be debilitating and difficult to treat. The effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation following brain injury has been assessed in randomised trials, which have mainly focused on attention, executive functions, and visual neglect. Memory rehabilitation has not been sufficiently researched, however.

This trial is evaluating a group memory rehabilitation programme for adults, including military personnel, who have had a traumatic brain injury. The study is comparing group based memory rehabilitation plus usual care with usual care alone. Estimated sample size is 312 participants. The primary outcome is an assessment of memory at six months. Recruitment closed at the end of December 2015.

Contact: Florence Day

Funding:  NIHR Health Techonology Assessment

Status:  Reporting

Publications: 2015-2;

Further Information:  Florence Day (Trial Manager)




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