Dr Racheal Tarlinton

Rachael Tarlinton
School of Veterinary Medicine and Science

Expertise summary

I'm a veterinary virologist with a particular interest in emerging viruses. I've had a wide variety of clinical experience in several countries and with a very large range of species.

My research work covers infectious diseases and genomics of wildlife and domestic species, in particular Retroviruses (FIV, FeLV, Maedi Visna, Koala retrovirus), Schmallenberg virus (orthobunyaviruses) and a range of viruses of rodents (hantaviruses, coronaviruses, arenaviruses). 
Expertise in infectious diseases (viruses) of wildlife, companion animals and livestock Zoonotic diseases Antimicrobial resistance Vaccines Genomics/genetics of animals Toxicology (poisonings) Veterinary careers.


Policy credentials

Served on Government panels during disease outbreaks and provided industry advice and consultancy on infectious diseases. I've written articles on livestock disease for industry websites such as NADIS.

Media credentials

Print, radio and TV ( breaking news and popular science). Listed in the Nottingham women experts guide and provide regular media interviews on many animal related topics.

Industry credentials

Industry linked funders (Innovate UK, AHDB beef and lamb). Diagnostics development with ADAS UK and Forsite diagnostic.



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