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Md. Tariqul Islam

Research Fellow, Faculty of Engineering



Tariqul's research experience belongs to a wide horizon of multidisciplinary fields in physical, environmental, and human geography. His research started with solid waste management in an industrial city Khulna, Bangladesh, under Khulna University, Khulna, in 2004 (Bachelor thesis). He conducted a questionnaire survey and applied participatory GIS to explore efficient waste management. Spatial relationship through 3D visualization to show the complex geological structure was conducted beside his first MSc. study (Geodesy and Geoinformatics) in Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, which was completed by the research "erosion and deposition of riverbanks and migration of river channel applying GIS and remote sensing in 2010. The second (parallel) MSc. degree (Spatial Planning) under KTH was achieved by the research "evaluation of river bridge sites using remote sensing and GIS" in 2013. During 2010-2016, he conducted considerable research on the coordinate system and coordinate transformation parameters, land cover mapping, vegetation/forest dynamics using GIS and remote sensing beside his primary Ph.D. research on climate-change induced geological hazard and disaster study applying geodetic GPS measurement, GIS, remote sensing and mathematical modeling under University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has also been researched the assessment of energy efficiency, environmental and forest ecology at Rohingya refugee camps area in Cox's Bazar and experience of cyclonic disaster preparation in Bangladesh applying GIS, remote sensing, questionnaire survey and focus group discussion beside his primary responsibility as a Lecturer-Geography in Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln since September 2019. He has attended numerous international conferences, workshops, meetings, and published research articles as a lead author in renowned international journals. He has sound working experience in different institutional setups; consultancy firms-municipality-universities.

Expertise Summary

Tariqul has particular expertise in Earth observation, land cover mapping, spatial and multivariable analysis, spatio-temporal auto-correlation for climate-change induced vegetation/forest changes, environmental management, hazard and disaster studies that consider both quantitative (e.g., applying GIS, remote sensing, statistics) and qualitative measures (e.g., questionnaire survey, focus group discussion and participatory GIS). He is experienced user of many GIS, Remote sensing, statistical package, and programming languages software.

Research Summary

Tariqul is doing research on understanding the dynamic behavior of peat land using Remote sensing and GIS.

Selected Publications

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