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Jasim Ali

PhD Student, Faculty of Engineering



I am Civil Engineer working in the ministry of water resources in Iraq (since 2003). I have BSc in Civil Engineering (2002), MSc. in Structural Engineering (2006), and MSc. in Water Resources and Management (2011). I worked for several local government committees such as Reconstruction of Anbar Province Committee. Also, I was nominated as expert consultant for estimating real state. I am a member of the Engineering Society in Iraq. In my current job I lead the technical department and I got a scholarship to get the PhD at the University of Nottingham

Expertise Summary

I have knowledge in water management facilities, building and construction, GIS, remote sensing, environmental impacts, water quality, geospatial science, as well as other engineering related aspects. My PhD research focuses on surface urban heat island and surface urban energy balance by remote sensing and GIS

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