RLO: Steps in conducting a systematic review


  1. Introduction
  2. Step One - Formulating a question
  3. Step Two - Conduct a search
  4. Step Three - Assess the quality
  5. Step Four - Summarise the evidence
  6. Step Five - Interpret the findings
  7. Activity
  8. Feedback
  9. Resources

Step Two

Step two is to conduct a thorough search for relevant studies.

You need to generate lists of citations from relevant resources.

Some databases you can use to search include:

The citations identified then need to be screened for relevance to the review question. Full manuscripts need to be obtained for potentially all relevant studies.

The third stage is to sift through the papers to decide on whether to include these in the review or exclude them. This will be done based on explicit study selection criteria. Some studies will provide reference citations, and the cycle of obtaining manuscripts and examining them for relevance will go on.