Reflective Cue Carper’s knowledge pattern
Bring the mind home
Focus on a description of an experience that seems significant in some way Aesthetics
What particular issues seem significant to pay attention to? Aesthetics
How were others feeling and why did they feel that way? Aesthetics
How was I feeling and why did I feel that way? Personal
What was I trying to achieve and did I respond effectively? Aesthetics
What were the consequences of my actions on the patient, others and myself? Aesthetics
What factors influence the way I was/am feeling, thinking and responding to this situation? (personal, organisational, professional, cultural) Personal
What knowledge did or might have informed me? Empirics
To what extent did I act for the best and in tune with my values? Ethics
How does this situation connect with previous experiences? Personal/Reflexivity
Given the situation again, how might I respond differently? Reflexivity
What would be the consequences of responding in new ways for the patient, others and myself? Reflexivity
What factors might constrain me from responding in new ways? Personal
How do I NOW feel about this experience? Personal
Am I able to support myself and others better as a consequence? Reflexivity
What insights have I gained? (framing perspectives) Reflexivity
Am I more able to realise desirable practice? (Being available template)