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Electron Beam Lithography




Electron Beam Lithography

The Nanobeam nB5 EBL instrument available at the nmRC
  The Nanobeam nB5 EBL instrument has been installed and is currently being commissioned (expected completion date Summer 2017). 


The new electron beam lithography (EBL) facility is a suite of cleanrooms that is part of the nmRC, the EBL tool is a Nanobeam nB5 and will provide researchers with the following capabilities:

  • Electron beam lithography on flat, smooth substrates (e.g. semiconductor, glass, quartz) from                             10mm x 10mm pieces to 25mm glass coverslips to 72mm diameter wafers.
  • Linewidths > 10nm; beam currents from 500pA to 15nA at 80kV with a 50MHz scan speed.
  • nB5 draws the pattern in 500 micron x 500 micron square fields which are stitched together with sub-20nm accuracy to form the complete pattern. Alignment to an existing pattern is accurate to < 20nm.

Research areas it will initially be targeted at:

  • Direct patterning of bioscience-relevant self-assembled monolayers (e.g. PGMI)
  • Plasmonic structures
  • Photonic structures
  • Sub-micron electronic devices
  • Metamaterials

 For further information or to discuss potential projects please contact: Dr Chris Mellor (chris.mellor@nottingham.ac.uk) or Prof. Matt Clark (matt.clark@nottingham.ac.uk).

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