RLO: Numbers needed to treat (NNT) and numbers needed to harm (NNH)


Using NNT to compare different drug treatments (activity)

Although the calculated NNT value is treatment specific it can be used to compare different drug treatments.

Work through the following example to see how we can compare the results that we calculated for Headeeze with those for the established headache treatment Noache.

In a randomised control trial for Noache 88 out of 100 still experienced a headache 2 hours after taking the placebo, whereas only 78 out of 100 still experienced headache in the group taking Noache.

Complete the table to calculate the Absolute risk reduction (ARR)

Now calculate the NNT for Noache.

You can compare this data with that which we have already calculated and looked at for Headeeze

Based on this data alone, which drug would you choose? (Click on the drug you would choose).


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