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Referencing Tool

Books - Article or chapter

In-text citation:

In the citation, it is the authors of the chapter that are cited and the book editors are included in the reference, eg.

Wharrad et al. (2020) focus on the development of short, self-contained, digital learning such as this referencing package.

Reference List

Chapter author, initial (including multiple chapter authors) … (year of publication) … Chapter Title … In … Author, initial (including multiple authors) (eds.) … Title of book … Place published: … Publisher

Wharrad, H., Windle, R. and Taylor, M. (2020) Designing digital education and training for health. In  Konstantinidis, S.Th., Bamidis, P.D. and Zary, N. (eds.) Digital Innovations in Healthcare Education and Training. London: Elsevier.

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