Plan your open day

Transport options | What to do on the day | Getting around our campus

Top tips on the day

Remember to plan your journey in advance and make sure you leave plenty of time to arrive before your first talk.

There are a lot of activities to get through during an open day, so it’s best to plan an itinerary for the day so you arrive with an idea of what you want to do.

We’ve created a printable itinerary planner to help you plan your schedule in advance. Just print it off, fill in the talks and activities you want to attend and bring it with you.

And don't forget to think about the important questions you'll want to ask while you're here so you can leave with everything you need to know about studying at Nottingham.

Download planner

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Travelling to our campuses

By train

For University Park and Jubilee Campuses, book a train to Nottingham railway station.

Staff and students in blue t-shirts will be at Nottingham railway station to direct you to free shuttle buses that will take you to University Park Campus and Jubilee Campus. These run from 8am to 5pm. From Nottingham railway station, you can also take the Hucknall - Toton Lane tram to reach the University Park Campus south entrance using the University of Nottingham stop.

For Sutton Bonington Campus, book a train to Loughborough railway station or East Midlands Parkway and make your way to our campus.

By car

University Park Campus postcodes:
West Entrance: NG7 2QE
North Entrance: NG7 2QB

These postcodes are not the end destination. They are intended to direct you to the entrances of our campus. When you arrive, you will be directed to the best place to park by a member of staff. Parking is free on the day. 

If you require Blue Badge parking, please let the parking staff know. They will direct you to an appropriate space.

If your subject activity is based on Jubilee Campus, you should drive to University Park Campus. From here, you can catch our free hopper bus over to Jubilee Campus.

By coach

For University Park and Jubilee Campuses, you can book a coach to the coach station in Nottingham. This is a short walk from the railway station, so you can still make use of the free campus shuttle buses or the tram. Find one of our helpers in blue shirts for directions. 

For Sutton Bonington Campus, you can book a coach to Loughborough railway station or East Midlands Parkway. From there, you can make your way to Sutton Bonington Campus. 

Shuttle bus

Free shuttle buses are available to take you between campuses throughout the day – helping you get to the next activity easily. 

A free hop-on-hop-off shuttle bus also runs in a loop around University Park Campus.

What to do on arrival

Talk to staff

We'll have lots of staff present at our open days, including academics and professional services staff.

Our academics are experts in your subject of interest and are involved with developing our courses. Some of these academics will be on the subject stands and holding talks, so they're a great source of information you should tap into during your time on campus.

For questions about student welfare, finance or sports and societies, you can talk to representatives from these teams at the Information Fair.

Doing this will give you a great insight into what it's like at the University of Nottingham and higher education in general.

Chat with students

Lots of our current undergraduate students will also be at our open days. They'll be checking you in at the arrival and information points, delivering campus and accommodation tours and helping out on the subject stands. 

Be sure to have an informal conversation with them while you're here, they'll have lots of stories and advice about student life to share with you. They were in your position not too long ago, and are the best people to ask about what it's really like to study at Nottingham.

Explore campus

Our campuses are renowned for their wildlife and architecture, so be sure to join a campus tour or take a self-guided tour around the grounds.

As well as the subject-specific buildings, here are some places we think you should visit on the day:

  • our Students' Unions
  • sports centres
  • libraries and study spaces

And if you want to find out why we've been a Green Flag Award winner since 2003, you should make time to visit Millennium Gardens, the Downs and Highfields Park on University Park Campus and the lake on Jubilee Campus.

We have three beautiful campuses and we encourage you to explore all three if you have time. There will be a free hopper bus running every 15 minutes throughout the open day to take you between the campuses.

Visit accommodation

Staying in halls of residence is a big part of university life in your first year. It's where you'll sleep, eat and have the opportunity to make friends for life.

But everyone has different preferences for where they want to live. So we recommend checking out a few different accommodation options during the open day.

If you're not sure where you want to stay, explore both our on-campus catered accommodation and the self-catered accommodation, just off campus. That way, you'll be able to compare the options and decide what works best for you personally. 

Getting around our campus

From University Park Campus (East Drive) - Jubilee Campus (The Exchange)

Bus colour code: Purple
Departure time: Every 15 minutes: 9am to 4.30pm (starting at University Park Campus at 9am)

University Park Campus loop shuttle

Bus colour code: Pink
Departure time: Various, please refer to the campus map On a loop between 9am-5pm

From Jubilee Campus (The Exchange) - University Park Campus (East Drive)

Bus colour code: Purple
Departure time: Every 15 minutes: 9.15am to 4.45pm